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By Dacon at 10:20 PM
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We are looking for talented parkour map makers to help the ManaCube Build Team with our first Champion map. More info on the project will be discussed privately

If you are interested please message George (Drakey) on Discord with your username and pictures/links of any PK maps you've done
Discord Username: George#0914

You will be paid for your help

By Dacon at 1:58 PM
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New Halloween themed maps and spawns have been released on every gamemode!

6 Halloween bundles for every gamemode has been released on our webstore
A 75% Halloween sale will be up for all of October as well!

See the new halloween bundles @


September Top Voters


Cubit rewards have been sent to the top 5 accounts. Enjoy, and thanks for voting!


September Staffs of the Month


Congratulations! SOTM tags & cubits have been sent to your accounts


September Statistics (Compared to previous month)

See previous months on the stats thread Here

By Dacon at 1:58 PM
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It's our birthday! Today ManaCube turns 4 years old - Thank you all so much!


6 New Enchantments
6 new enchantments have been released on Skyblock, Survival and Islands.

[Boots] [Rare] Gears - Gives speedboost
[Armor] [Rare] Tamer - Spawns in a wolf (+1 for every level) that fights for you. 2 minute cooldown
[Bow] [Common] Doctor - Has a chance to heal a player when hit
[Bow] [Rare] Multi-Arrow - Has a chance to shoot multiple arrows
[Bow] [Rare] Pull - Has a chance to send the player you hit flying at you
[Axes] [Legendary] Blessed - Chance to remove all negative effects from yourself

2 New Survival Spawners

An Ocelot and Villager Spawner has been added to the in-game shop for $70,000 and $475,000

14 New Dropper Maps

A whole new set of 14 biome-themed dropper maps...