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By Dacon at 10:32 PM
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As you may be aware, Skyblock has been reset! The reset will allow us to move forward and release new content. The current Skyblock system we were using would have broke when we updated 1.7.10, so we decided to make the change today. I am personally sorry for the abrupt reset, however it was becoming more and more necessary every day. The new system is much more efficient and lightweight. It contains many new features, and a whole new set of challenges.

Compensation: /kit reset + huge drop party today

I am currently making another GUI system for this, and it should be ready in a few days. Some other things we did during the maintenance are;

- Brand new /shop
- New chat format
- Male / Female groups ( /shop )
- Nether reset
- Mass amount of bugs fixed
- Unlimited skyblock members

Upcoming things that will be released this week;

- SkyGuilds
- Parties
- Quests
- Duel Arenas
- New Donator rank...
By Dacon at 10:55 PM
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Congratulations to the 4 top voters of July, and thank you to everyone that voted this month! We have DOUBLED the amount of votes since last month :thumbsup: Your coupon codes have been mailed to you on the Hub Server. Read them with /mail read

The top voters are:

[​IMG] Purple4me 158 Votes $75 Coupon
[​IMG] PheonixTails 157 Votes $50 Coupon
[​IMG] Red_Number 153 Votes $25 Coupon
[​IMG] 5bob15 152 Votes...
By Dacon at 12:20 AM
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Hey guys, I did some updates to Skyblock

New things:

  • Fully featured mmo-like party system
  • Robust Skills
  • Unique Skill Abilities
  • Skill Leaderboards
  • Follows an XP system like in an RPG/MMO
  • Repair System

Parties is a way to share EXP and mob drops with your friends! You can create parties by typing /party

Some changes to Voting have been made. First off, you will now receive $750 every day from voting, instead of 10 tokens. Don't worry though, you can still purchase the same things in /shop, but now with coins.

I would also like for some new things to be added to /shop, but not sure what. Post in the comments on what you would like to see added.

New Challenges Rewards
All challenges will now...