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Hugs has been a secret feature on ManaCube for a few years now, but has been pretty broken.
Today we've released a revamped version of our Hug system

/hug [name] - Send a hug to someone
/hugs - See how many hugs you have received
/hugs [name] - See how many hugs another player has received
/hugs top - List the most hugged players


Hugs stats are global, and are the same on every server.
You can hug as many people as you want, but you can only hug the same person once a day

Bug: People can only be hugged once a day. This will be fixed tomorrow
How its supposed to work: You can hug as many people as you want, but only a certain person once a day


@crazypeacock has done some awesome work so far on the KitPvP spawn....
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October votes have reset, congratulations to the top 3 voters, Conner0714, 0DeathsCalvary0 and deadblaze! You have been sent 30 Cubits, 25 Cubits and 20 Cubits! Conner has also been sent the [TopVoter] title

You can sell your cubits to other players, or trade them in for store coupons! 1 Cubit = $1 USD

November we are doing a special voting promotion;

The top 10 voters of November will be entered into a raffle. The amount of votes they have will be the amount of entries they have. The randomly selected winner will get to CREATE their own title to use on every server!

Start voting at



Congratulations to our Staff's of the Month!

I have sent you all 5 cubits...
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Update Log

You can now view our update log from in-game, by typing /updates
Type /updates [#] to go to a specific page


You can view the website version here:
We have plans to integrate this into a view-only channel on Discord

Halloween Bundle Sale

There is 8 days left to get yourself a Halloween Bundle from our store
All Bundles are now 40% OFF and the All Bundles Pack is now 70% OFF

There is now also a timer showing when the bundles are being removed from the store


See all the bundles @...