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By Dacon at 11:43 AM
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Parkour 2.0 will be releasing early November

Here is sneak peeks of some new upcoming features & changes​

Our first Adventure "Champion" map
The build team has been hard at work on our first Adventure/Champion map. Haven't decided if we are going to be calling them Adventure or Champion maps yet.
Will reveal more in the next post

Updated to 1.12
Everything will be updated to 1.12, this will let us use more cool features for Parkour, like levitation effects, new blocks, improved anti-cheat, and a lot of other cool things like shields, llamas, new sounds & music etc.

New Spawn
Got some spicy ideas for the new spawn.
Will reveal more in the next post

  • Gems renamed to Mana
  • Beta Maps added to /play
  • Revamped Help Menu + Tutorial

Ancient Treasure Chest
The ancient treasure chest is returning, with some awesome rewards such as
[spoiler=Sneak peek...
By Dacon at 11:03 PM
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You can now link your donator rank to your forums account!
Type /link on any server to view these instructions:



Once you've logged in with your forums account and entered your username you will be given a code to enter in-game. Enter this in-game and whatever ranks you have will be synced with the forums.

If you ever buy a new rank after this, you can type /updaterank to update your forum account as well. This process is instant

Here are the new donator rank tags for the forums.


I followed the instructions but got no rank on the forums?

Possible reasons why:

- You have a legacy rank like Sponsor or Vast. All you need to do is claim your rank @ . This will add the new ranks to your account (don't worry,...​
By Dacon at 10:20 PM
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We are looking for talented parkour map makers to help the ManaCube Build Team with our first Champion map. More info on the project will be discussed privately

If you are interested please message George (Drakey) on Discord with your username and pictures/links of any PK maps you've done
Discord Username: George#0914

You will be paid for your help