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    Yo, your boi xX_KitOgMaster_Xx here. Are you really trash at pvp. To the point where you get comboed so many times to the point where you are contemplating the deletion of Minecraft? That's okay... I am too. But it's time that we trash pvpers finally learn how to pvp like the og's. Here is Xx_KitOgMaster_Xx's guide to fiting lika boss fam.

    1.) Now the first step is always the most important. Log onto ManaCube you goof.
    2.) Head over to the kit pvp server.
    3.) Mentally and physically prepare yourself for the toxin's produced by the players themselves. Unless Monkey or Zycho is on. Then it's pretty chill.
    4.) Get your kit. How else will you fite people m8?
    5.) Now, you can choose to either go on the pressure plate and be randomly teleported. Nah, only the scrubs do that. Jump off the ledge lika boss fam.
    6.) Start running to the center (Marketplace). That's where all the pvp action happens.

    BUT WAIT. YOU FIND TWO PEOPLE PVPING! What will you do? Let me tell you. You have a few options.
    1.) Whoever wins the fight. You run at them and slay them while they're at a heart and a half. (Lose Respect)
    2.) Let them come to you and you'll end up getting quick dropped. (Lose Respect)
    3.) Damn it, you let your guard down. Someone sneaked up on you and killed you (Lose Respect)

    Another situation fam. You encounter one other person. You then continue to fight. You lose. How do you react in chat?
    1.) Blame it on server lag (Lose Respect)
    2.) Threaten to Dos them (Lose your right to play on Manacube)
    3.) Actually be a good human and say "Good Game", or "Good Fight". You look like a punk (Lose Respect)

    Final Situation. You encounter another 1v1 situation. You had your prayers answered and won the fight. How do you react?
    1.) Start roasting them on their pvp skillz. No one likes this person (Lose Respect)
    2.) Actually be a good human and say "Good Game", or "Good Fight". You look like a punk (Lose Respect)

    But, I hear you all saying. BUT xX_KitOgMaster_Xx! It seems like it's always going to be a lose-lose situation! What do we do! Don't worry. I'm always ready for these situations!

    Team. Yup, do the most scumbag thing any kitpvper can possibly do. Team with your friends, some random dudes who are good so they won't quick drop you. Your pet rock. Whatever! Just find someone to team with!

    Problem solved. Have fun kitpvping everyone!

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  2. Joeyism


    Apr 22, 2017
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    lmfao this is perfect
  3. Wardone


    Oct 9, 2014
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    all true
  4. Dominator813


    Dec 11, 2015
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    Lol this is so accurate, the only reason I got to level 300 last season is because I was teamed with half the server xD

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