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    Nov 8, 2017
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    Your Minecraft username

    What server are you applying for



    First Name

    Location (or timezone)



    Why do you aspire to become staff?
    ManaCube is my favorite minecraft sevrer since i joined and i enjoy to play on it very much. i already made a few friends and so i wanna help the server from the bad things. i've already helped before, like getting a mod when there were other advertisers or fighters. i love this server very much and i dont want it to be ruined by trollers and hackers and such, and thats why i would like to be staff :).

    How long have you played on ManaCube?
    i admit, i joined not too long ago, a month or 2, but i still love it and i wanna help it as much as possoble.

    How many hours can you dedicate to ManaCube?
    well i never have homework, and im online on a daily basis so yea i'll be here most of the day.

    What skills do you feel you have that will help the server?
    i like helping people very much and as i already do it as much as possible i would be having a much better ability to do so as staff. you can also call me when something needs to be build (im a pretty good builder), and actually just for practicly anything. when there needs to be done a task then you can call me to do the task, as i always feel proud when i finished another task :3. so with that being said i can have the skill you want me to have, im not a power character, im not a speed character, im a 'neutral/overall' character :3

    What experiences have you had which could help you as staff?
    i am moderator in a discord group of a youtuber called Dr.Wily, and since i am the only mod that is actually active i have to keep an eye out as much as possible and that way i've learned when something is a rule break, when something is a warning/ban, and how to moderate. i also have my own discord server. i've been mod on another minecraft server where i also kept the peace but because of diffrent timezones i almost had nothing to do so i quit, but on mama there are always everywhere people online, so peace-holders would come in usefull in my opinion.

    What three attributes distinguish yourself from other players that qualify you to be a helper?
    i love helping people and as a staff member i would have much better ability to do so.

    (as i said in the 'What experiences have you had which could help you as staff?')
    i know how to moderate and keep the peace and as i said i would have much better ability to do so as a staff member.

    im online most of times and when im online im always very active and always busy in the game so i'll almost always notice when something is wrong.

    Please explain what you believe the role of a staff member is.
    a staff member helps people who are in need of help, bans/warns people who break the rules and keep peace on the server. prevent drama's, ban hackers, answering questions, and all that kind of usefull basic stuff.

    Are you able to use recording software?
    yes. i use OBS on a daily basis

    Anything else we should know?
    sometimes i might go in overdrive and be a little to strict about everything (i have ADHD). but most of times i know to calm down or just take a break.

    You are aware that all information provided must be true, and if found to be false, will result in an automatic rejection of this application
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  2. ChaoticPhoenix7


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    Hello Javey,

    First things first I'll give your application a -1 and I'll explain why.

    The first thing I noticed about your application was that it does not meet the 700 word count requirement. This can be easily accomplished by adding more details into each of your sections, for example the "What three attributes distinguish yourself from other players that qualify you to be a helper?" or the "Please explain what you believe the role of a staff member is." could use some more thought. Another more minor thing I noticed was a few grammar errors like capitalization and spelling. I suggest you go back and add more information into your application and proofread before submitting.

    Hope you found this helpful, best of luck.
  3. JiggleJigglePop


    Aug 21, 2017
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    Hey Javey,

    I love the fact that you are creating an application to help manacube! I totally love it! Your application didn't really hit me with a +1. This reason of this is because you have a TON of spelling errors in your application and like ChaoticPhoenix7 said above:
    You need to fix that requirement. I like your application so far but I'm going to have to go with a -1
  4. Klimest


    Oct 1, 2017
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    Basically what these kind folks said.


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