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  1. ronanashmancer


    Aug 13, 2015
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    Quick comments before I start:

    This is a guide to help people who need assistance with starting out. Not necessarily those who have already started survival and have become pretty good with necessities. Though of course, you can still read it as you may find some stuff you did not know.

    If you find something that should be added or you have a comment please fill free to let me know in a reply. This is great because I do not know everything in the world, and being a community we can really help out those who are new to the community and need a helping hand.

    First things to note:

    Manacube IP - ManaCube.Net

    Once in the hub, go to the compass (right click), and click survival (should be a grass block), or do /survival in the hub!


    Starting off the first thing you should do is VOTE
    I say this because, voting though you may find it hard, or unnecessary, voting here on ManaCube is great for the community and making sure the server is popular, as well as the rewards are very good especially starting out. Here is a screenshot showing the items that you can get from voting. Vote by doing /vote you will get 5 links to vote on if you have questions about how to do it, click the links and do what it says, put in your IGN (In Game Name) currently remember if something is in caps PUT IT IN CAPS, if you do not there is a highly likely chance that you will vote for someone else. You can vote every 24 hours from the time and date you voted. You will get one key that you can use on the vote crate using the command /warp vote it is in spawn anyways if you can't find it.

    I will not go into depth on what you can get, as you can do that on your own time. However, I will say a few things. First, the green text chat does not work, so if you get that, nothing necessarily to be excited about. Spawners are very good those can be sold in the auction house (will be discussing that later) but you can sell them if you do not want them by doing /auc sell (price) make sure the thing you are selling is in your hand depending on the spawner varies in price, I'd suggest asking someone credible about the current and correct price. Also, magical dust (I will discuss later) however varies in percentages so, say you get 1% in the first, and you get another one it won't necessarily be 1%. To carry on, iron, gold, diamond, emerald blocks, use these to make your party have more cash (I will discuss this later) however do not sell them so fast into the game. Gold ingots are the cash $$, nothing necessarily special. The egg is the "Zulrah Boss Egg" it is replacing the ender dragon as the ender dragon glitches out a lot, of certain things, I will be discussing the Zulrah boss later too. The paper is a rank up paper, that is essential for getting them donator ranks unless you want to buy them. These papers if gotten can be sold for 10M+ within the auction house, depending on the buyer, please do not go less than 5-6M it will be a SCAM! If you do get one and you want to use it, hold it in your hand and right click the paper it will then rank you up to the next rank, the rank is VIP, VIP+, and MVP, if you are MVP the paper will not work!

    Second thing, if you do not vote, or you did. The next and great thing to do is get some cash. Though I do understand it is peaceful factions and you want to do survival as you joined survival to DO SURVIVAL. I completely understand but to make a party and make a good party you are going to need some cash. There are many things you can do to make cash, examples are: questions, auction items, grind, farm, e.g. The most and best one to do within those examples is grind, using a grinder killing mobs to get there loot and sell it within the shop which is a gui shop /shop
    To do this the place I'd suggest grinding is the Legends party, use the warp /warp blaze you can then go straight and go to the right or left they both go to blaze grinders, if you find that the place is laggy lower your render distance, and if that is still not enough and it is unbearable then go to another location, such as /warp grinder, blazes will be the best off as it is good prices to sell the blaze rods and the XP is incredible.

    Now at this time, the only thing you will have is the starter kit, and it will be hard to kill blazes with a stone sword. However, when you get the money selling the blaze rods you can then buy wood, and diamonds to make equipment and tools to help aid you in your progression. Also, I wouldn't necessarily suggest this one but if you want you can ask people for cash, or tell them you can help people out with anything for some cash however in return for your work.

    Now, the shop, it can be hard to navigate, let me help you!

    So, this is what the gui looks like when you do
    /shop the groups are in order of, blocks (all sorts of blocks, grass block), brewing (brewing supplies, potion ingredients, brewing stand), minerals (ingots, ore blocks, iron ingot), farm/food (seeds, food, farm supplies, wheat), mob drops (passive mob drops, aggressive mob drops, nether rods), misc (horse armor, hoppers, leads/nametags, anvils/beacons, Echests/Etables, Hopper), Spawners (Spawners, Spawner), Colors (Wool, Stained Glass, Stained Clay, Glazes Terracotta, Flowers, Pink Wool), Outer World (End Blocks, purpur blocks, chorus plants, end rod/crystals, elytras/shulkers, all nether blocks, end crystal) on the last line (third) we have Boss Eggs (Zulrah boss egg), and lastly webstore (enderchest)
    Most of it is self-explanatory but I'd suggest taking some time to familiarize yourself with the items in each categorize yourself and making it easier for you when you need something and you know it and where it belongs.
    If you have questions about a location it is always okay to ask within chat, as the community a great and friendly one.

    Third, Now that you have some cash, after going through and grinding out some blazes. (I'll leave the bottom of this thread with informative commands and what they are used for, e.g. If you need assistance while reading this). Make a party and start playing survival. You have the cash and now you can do the enjoyable part. Make a party by doing /p create (name) and when you find land do /p claim to claim and protect your land from griefers. If you can not find any land you want or land that is not claimed do not overclaim as that will result in a ban, do /wild to randomly teleport to a random location to hopefully find some land that will work perfectly for you!

    I will not go into depth about adding players to your party other than, /p invite (username) and then they do /p join (party name), make sure to whoever you invite in is trustworthy, of being invited into your party. I say this because of course staff can get your items back if they grief or steal as well as ban the player but it is just a terrible mess.

    Fourth, once you have your base, your party, your money and more, the next thing that I would suggest doing is working on getting your quests done. I will not be going into a guide to how to do that, I have actually already done that. But, I will say that it is pretty easy and self-explanatory, if you have any questions about it please let me know or ask in chat as we are able to help you! To do the quests use the command /quests or in short /q

    Also, if you want to multitask you can start working on getting custom enchants on your items (tools) (armor,e.g.), to physically buy ce's you will need to finish the enchanter quest line, it is easy just takes a lot of XP and time. If you do not want to do that, you can instead ask in chat if anyone has that specific ce or level, or check in the auction house for someone selling it (/ah). I will not go into detail on the full detail about how that all works but you can certainly ask in chat! This not to mention is a great way to communicate with the community and be apart of it!

    Fifth, one of the last things that you can really do is make your own grinders, and become one of the top parties, and just being one of the top players within the leaderboards. This can be done by getting lots of IGs (Iron Golems) and grinding them by making a grinder if you do not know how to make one of those grinders just ask someone! Once it is made just afk if you want and let the money come on in!


    Here are some useful commands and things you might just want to know:

    /ah (Auction House, this is where the community can sell things together, it is basically the shop but the communities items at their own prices they have picked!) (You can put items into the auction by selling your own items /auc sell (price) make sure the thing you want to sell is being held in your hand).

    /shop (Shop is the servers store kinda like the auction house but the servers prices, these items will not run out of stock)

    Party commands:

    /p create -- Create your own party!
    /p join -- Join a party, that someone invites you to!
    /p invite -- Invite a player to your party!
    /p claim -- Claim land for your party!
    /p unclaim -- Unclaim land that you, or someone else claimed previously!
    /p deinvite -- Remove an invite sent to someone!
    /p leave -- Leave a party that you were in (note you can not be the owner by doing this, and if you would like to leave if you are the owner of a party and wanting to leave you need to get someone the ownership role in a party)!
    /p kick -- Kick a player that is in the party (note you must be higher rank than member in a party to be able to do this).
    /p sethome -- Sets the home that everyone can go to within the party!
    /p home -- This will tp you to the location that someone set by /p sethome!
    /p tag -- Change the name of the party!
    /p who -- This will show you all the information of a specific faction, /p who (Party Name)!
    /p mod -- Set a player as a moderator role (*).
    /p chat -- This will make your chat changed, doing the /p chat once, will make you chat with all ally member factions, and doing /p chat twice, will get you to be able to chat with ONLY party members in the party, to remove this entirely you will need to do /p chat three times.
    /p list -- This will list all parties.
    /p disband -- This command will disband (remove) a faction.

    Other commands that you may find useful:

    /lock --
    This will lock something, once you use the command right click the item you would like to lock, also if you can not lock that item, put a sign on that item, and then /lock and right click the sign, this will lock the sign, but you can also know that you can not remove the item that the sign is on.
    /remove -- This will remove a lock, once you use the command right click the item you want to remove a lock on, also note that if you can not remove/lock the item remove the lock on the sign then the item will be removed of a lock.
    /password -- Password command is with the lock and removes plugin as it is used too add multiple people to a locked item and giving people the choice to password it.
    Party members in chat do not have (**) nor (*)
    Party moderators in chat have (*)
    Party owner in chat have (**)


    Some links you may want to look into (Other guides to help out)

    Guide to finishing quests (/quests or /q) (Made by ronanashmancer (me)) -

    Guide to owning an amazing party! (Made by ronanashmancer (me)) -

    How to remove survival boredom! (Made by ronanashmancer (me)) -

    Survival2.0 How to get a lot of money! (outdated but still works-ish..) (Made by ronanashmancer (me)) -

    Survival1.0 Thank you survival recap (Made by ronanashmancer (me)) -

    This thread does not have to end, anything you want adding let me know!

    Questions, concerns, comments? Please do not hesitate to bring it to my attention, I would be glad/honored to answer your questions, concerns, or even read your comments!

    Thank you,

    You can contact me via discord, forums, or in-game (discord - Ronan#6608, forums - ronanashmancer, in-game - ronanashmancer)
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  2. Speediare

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    Well, I have to say, this is a fantastic guide you have made here, Ronan. This is really helpful for those just starting to join, and you linking your past guides helps a lot. c:
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  3. RainbowCat379

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    Mar 18, 2017
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    This is a very lovely guide, Ronan. It's not only helpful for starting players but, some older players could've even learnt something new. Very nice to see you helping the community of survival with some insight. Also great to see that you've also linked other helpful threads you made like speed has said. Finally this is very uplifting also to see you giving a lot of support within the forums, nice work <3 c;
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  4. Dave


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    Another amazing guide Ronan. This will be so helpful for new players, and maybe even some older players. Keep up the great work!
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    Lovely work, Ronan!
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  6. Minesheep1

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    This is such a great guide. If I ever try and start Survival, I will definitely refer to this!

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