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Congratulations to SinnerStar, Jxson and netsu666 on being the top voters for March.

You all have received 25 Cubits and the [TopVoter] title!

Staff Promotions

  • Ambibug promoted to KitPvP Mod
  • fastball602 promoted to Skyblock Mod
  • Speediare promoted to Survival Mod
  • Lxcify promoted to KitPvP Mod

March Stats

See stats for previous months at this thread [Click Here]

March 2018
Total Players: 1,050,937 (+37,330)
Total Staff: 23 (+1)
Forum Members: 13,818 (+768)
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Finally! The long wait for Olympus is over, and will be releasing April 7th, 1:00PM EST

We were going to release this Saturday, but decided not to for these reasons:
  1. Can do a QA beta first
  2. More time than a 1 day notice to build hype
  3. More time to do some final touches/tweaks

We made a page with a countdown and some information/sneakpeeks here:

Server will be open to QA team tomorrow night.
(The server will hard reset just before the pubic release)

Can't wait, and sorry for making you wait another week, it'll be worth it!
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Website Updates

:mc_27-0: Faster

We've updated all of our outdated software and the forums is now on upgraded hardware. The forums are now also on a separate machine from our main website, so in the event if one happens to go down, at least one will probably still be online. Other optimizations have been made such as image compression, and proper caching.

Everything from navigating, uploading, posting, searching, etc should be at least 3x faster now :D

:mc_2-0: New Emojis

Every item and block in Minecraft is now available as an emoji for your posts!
Click the smiley button, you will then see 10 tabs organizing hundreds of the items/blocks


Category / Misc Updates

  • New Archive section, where old categories such as Skywars and Factions are placed...