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By Dacon at 7:47 PM
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Hey everyone, we've made some changes to staff ranks and the staff team;

Discontinuing SrMod rank, Introducing Mod+

We are replacing the SrMod rank with Mod+.
Mod+ will have more permissions such as /broadcast, changing nicks, editing inventories/enderchests, etc.
It won't be a global rank like SrMod, just given on one server at a time.

With our upcoming Events revamp, Mod+ will also be able to host/initiate events on their server.

New Manager

JuanitoG has been promoted to Staff Manager. He's in charge of overseeing the staff team, training new mods, helping Sarah with applications, etc.

Congratulations to him

Staff on multiple servers

Staff can now become a Helper, and later promoted to Mod on any server they're active on after receiving training. Though on KitPvP you must start out as a Helper


JuanitoG: SrMod > Staff Manager
SunsetMagic: Community Manager > Network Manager
Phinx: SrMod > Creative Mod+, Global Mod
Emma: SrMod > Parkour...
By Dacon at 3:28 PM
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Our second Champion Map has been released! You must be the [Adept] Parkour rank to play this map.

Winter Wonderland is 7 different levels, and takes around 40-100 minutes to complete (The best can do it in around 20-30 minutes)There are 24 total checkpoints, and the reward is 1000 Mana & 750 Score (48 hr reward cooldown)

Our Build Team has done a fantastic job on this map
Here are some pictures:
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[spoiler=Pictures of...
By Dacon at 4:22 PM
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I've removed the Iron & Gold Kingdom, and have added Wheat, Coal, Lapis, Redstone & Obsidian Kingdoms

If you have unlocked perks for Gold/Iron Kingdoms, they have been converted to Redstone & Lapis perks.

Instead of the old Level 1 - Level 2 upgrade system, you can now buy workers for each kingdom. Wheat Farmers, Coal Miners, Redstone Engineers, Lapis Enchanters & Obsidian Blacksmiths

You can buy up to 7 workers for each kingdom. Each worker will produce the same amount of resources, and can be claimed every 24 hours.

Before you buy workers, you have to unlock the kingdom first. Each Kingdom costs 500 Mana to initially unlock, and has a specific requirement

Kingdom Perks Required...