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Factions will hopefully be released this Monday if all goes well
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Duel Arenas

The Kit-PVP Duel arenas were launched a few days ago, as a beta test, and are now fully released.

What are Duel Arenas?

Duel Arenas are a place where all players can go to engage in one-on-one-combat, either for fun or for a prize.

To start Dueling, simply type /duel

The duel arena is a safe pastime. In case of death, there is no penalty, and no items will be lost upon death. This includes not affecting your KDR.

There are currently 3 different arenas, and we plan on adding many more very soon. There is also 3 different types of arenas. These include:

[​IMG] Basic - Full iron armour, diamond sword, and 1 golden apple

[​IMG] Meat...
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- Race selection removed ( Blades still there )
- New level and group format
- Default now has Class 1 of Human, Elf, and Dwarf.
- You can now purchase all kits and perks through /menu - More perks and kits will be added soon
- Duel Arena menu added ( Going through final stages of testing )
- Added statistics according to each kit in the lore on the Shop ( /menu )
- Over 50 new blocks added to the Block Shop ( Raw wood and glowstone removed )
- Plotz bug fixed involving unable to add other players and /plot info
- Removed sounds from scrolling in hotbar and typing commands
- Added a MineVast sound pack ( Accept resource pack on join ). Note: You can still use your texture packs with this, as it only affects sounds.
- Member+ will be returning this week
- Preparing for the map change

If you have lost your /vault, this is because you havent unlocked a vault yet. You can do this buy buying one...