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MineVast Radio is one of my favorite features ever added to Hub. You may notice some custom music made with note blocks that resemble real life songs! Open the Music menu by typing /music or right clicking the jukebox in your inventory. From there you can choose what song you want, disable music, go on shuffle/random mode, or listen to the Minevast radio! More songs will be added soon! There is currently 21 songs.

Donator Gadgets is a revamped version of the old Gadgets. This new version will improve server lag issues, as well as adding <MANY> new things! There's also more than just fun new gadgets, such as Pets, Mounts,...
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Recently a lot of people have been wanting the Classic KitPvP map to return

This poll will decide whether to bring back the old map, or continue developing the current map.

Current Map:

Classic Map:

NOTE: This does not mean there is going to be another reset, this is simply just switching the map, nothing else.

Poll will end on November 3rd.
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KitPvP Guide


Ever play an RPG? Minevast has brought RPG aspects to the KitPvP server with Races!
When you first join the server you will be faced with 5 Races to select from.

The Undead Race is a Donator Only race, meaning that if you are a Donator, you will automatically inherit those Race Perks, however you will still need to purchase the separate Classes with gems.

The Blades Race is the sort of like the new Warrior. It must be bought for a whopping 3000 Gems, and contains amazing perks and kits, including an epic hideout guild.

To view the Races information, simply click the [View Information] Sign below it. This will show what perks the race has, and what...