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By Dacon at 4:21 AM
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Technical Updates
Votesend is now on Hub2
Echopet nulls fixed
Global flags updated
Prison Portal fixed
Join items fixed
Votifiers updated

Fun Updates
You will get 500 gems per day on the hub for voting

You can spend your gems on various gadgets by right clicking the emerald

Some free gadgets include:
- Paintball gun
- Particle Blaster
- Bat blaster
- Double jump
- Stacker

You can buy disguises and pets with gems in the gadget shop

A sidebar will show the following information

All donator and staff ranks have been made on the hub, and are synced with

All donator ranks are transferred as well


Are you missing your Donator rank? Please post your username here...
By Jack at 12:56 PM
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Welcome to Minevast's new forums!

We hope you enjoy our new, beautiful, more powerful, and cheaper forums, XenForo.

Please feel free to register an account and attach your Minecraft account by clicking your profile in the top right-hand corner, and then clicking Minecraft Account in the dropdown menu, or by simply clicking here:

Also, any staff who need their rank can post in the chat on Skype or reply to this thread.
Any donators who need their rank can reply to this thread.

If you have any issues or ideas for the new forums, post in the Forum Feedback section.