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Big thanks to EnderWorkbench for his work​
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Minevast Parties
The Party update allows you and your friends to communicate across all the servers. We know that a lot of people like to play on other servers, but still want to talk to their friends, and that's when we introduced the global messaging system. However, that didn't turn out to well, due to mass spammers.

Parties is a very lightweight system and extremely simple to use.

Type /party or /p to view a list of commands:

/p create - Creates a party
/p disband - Disbands your party
/p chat - Talk in the party chat
/p invite <player> - Invites a player to join your Party
/p kick <player> - Kicks a player from your party
/p setleader <player> - Gives leadership to another player in your party
/p accept - Accepts an...
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As you may be aware, Skyblock has been reset! The reset will allow us to move forward and release new content. The current Skyblock system we were using would have broke when we updated 1.7.10, so we decided to make the change today. I am personally sorry for the abrupt reset, however it was becoming more and more necessary every day. The new system is much more efficient and lightweight. It contains many new features, and a whole new set of challenges.

Compensation: /kit reset + huge drop party today

I am currently making another GUI system for this, and it should be ready in a few days. Some other things we did during the maintenance are;

- Brand new /shop
- New chat format
- Male / Female groups ( /shop )
- Nether reset
- Mass amount of bugs fixed
- Unlimited skyblock members

Upcoming things that will be released this week;

- SkyGuilds
- Parties
- Quests
- Duel Arenas
- New Donator rank...