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    Companion Cube - Expert

    Bunstop Companion Cube /plot v Bunstop 11 (to the left of Top Hat) Expert 75 Jumps
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    Top Hat - Easy

    Thank you all for the positive feedback c: I lowered the parkour one block but kept the barriers where they were, so now you can visually see the coal blocks so the barriers are less of an annoyance. Thanks for the feedback c:
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    GIVEAWAY: 2,200,000 mana + Maxed Trench Pick + Infinity Sell Wand + 5 Cubits + 7,500 spawners A LOT MORE

    hi i'm just gonna leave this comment here because I like free stuff I want to participate
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    Top Hat - Easy

    Bunstop Top Hat /plot v Bunstop 11 Easy 32 Jumps
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    Who will be the last post :ooo

    breaking forums was the sole purpose of making this (jk don't ban pls)
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    Who will be the last post :ooo

    that's also why I made this thread
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    I want to become helper

    isn't this thread like a year old
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    Accepted Bowser Jr. / Hard Parkour

    -1 theme is unoriginal!1!111!1!!!!! nah, I'll be leaving a +1, the build looks amazing and I haven't done the parkour yet but I can see varied jumps that fit the hard difficulty. Congrats on your 47th accepted map c: Congrats on your future 47th accepted map c:
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    Okay, then I suggest you add depth to the white terracotta and the red and orange terracotta at the top, the build feels flat right now
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    Giving a 0, I really don't like the build, I searched up pokemarts and they didn't really look like this one, also maybe change the floor pattern so it is the green and blue squares you showed in your reference picture. Other than that the parkour looks good so good luck c:
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    Who will be the last post :ooo

    wait this is still a thing what
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    Accepted Fire Table - Medium

    Fixed the impossible jump, removed some of the neos and nerfed the parkour
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    Accepted Fire Table - Medium

    Bunstop Fire Table /plot v Bunstop 10 Medium 42 Jumps I made this when I was bored lol
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    The update that killed us all

    That explains everything I'm thinking when I see this