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    Finished Spleef Tournament!

    Rules have since been updated to include: No teaming and No camping
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    Finished Spleef Tournament!

    Spleef Tournament Saturday 18th May 2 PM EST // 7 PM GMT Not your timezone? Click here! Good luck and get ready to SPLEEF!
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    I was banned on the discord server for "mute evading (alts)" when I did not make any alts. ignorant mods claiming i did, they give no proof.

    Just so people know, Jake4561x was perm banned from the forums by me for hard advertising another Minecraft server. That post has since been deleted. They were not banned for anything on this thread. Have a good one <3
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    Finished Parkour Tournament!

    Parkour Tournament! Saturday 11th May 2pm EST || 7pm GMT Not your timezone? Click here! This Saturday staff are hosting the second Parkour Tournament of the year! Parkour your way through the maps faster than everybody else and moves on to the next stages. Each stage will be a harder difficulty...
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    Rejected A Glass Of Water - Medium/Hard

    Hey OperationSpaniel Unfortunately your map has been REJECTED. The build is quite unattractive and the theme of having the map based around a drink is kind of unoriginal. However the parkour was varied and fun. Thanks for submitting your map and I hope to see more from you in the future :D...
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    Accepted Wall of flesh ~ Resubmission ~ Hard

    Hey ItsRainingMen101 I'm happy to inform you that your map submission has been ACCEPTED. The build was attractive, the theme was relatively unique and the parkour was varied and fitting of a medium map. Great map and I'd love to see more map submissions from you :D
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    Accepted Mike Wazowski ~ Hard

    Hey ItsRainingMen101 Sorry it's taken so long to get to you, but congratz on getting your map ACCEPTED. The build is very appealing and the parkour is both varied and fun. I decided it would best fit a hard map and I did nerf a tiny bit of it to make it fit. Well done on a great map and I hope...
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    Finished Rainbow Road

    Rainbow Road - Ice Sledding Saturday 27th April 2pm EST || 7pm GMT Not your timezone? Click here! Please join us for "Rainbow Road" where players will race on a colourful and icy course while riding in boats. The course is difficult and there are no barriers to keep you in place. However, you...
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    Accepted Vase - Easy

    Hey Bunstop Congratulations, your map has been ACCEPTED! The theme is unique, the parkour is varied and the build is appealing. I would love to see more submissions from you in the future :D
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    Accepted Kirby (V2)

    Hi MCBYT Congratulations, your map has been ACCEPTED! The build is very appealing and the parkour is varied. Well done! I hope to see more maps from you in the future :D
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    Finished Knockout - Sumo

    Knockout - Sumo Tournament Saturday 13th April 2PM EST // 7PM GMT Not your timezone? Click here! It's that time again! Join us for "Knockout - Sumo Tournament"! Where players will be put into a ring in a Free-For-All fight where you need to knock your opponents into the void. Winners from that...
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    The Fall of Manacube

    Staff applications are basically always open. Higher staff haven’t decided that there’s enough staff, they are just careful to make sure the applicants would make good staff members before accepting their applications. When you say “there should be more staff,” there isn’t a whole lot more that...
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    The Fall of Manacube

    You wouldn't get banned, you just couldn't do that. There is a plugin that only lets a certain amount of alts on a server at once. We wouldn't ban for it, just you wouldn't be able to
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    The Fall of Manacube

    I WOULD comment on the trench example but TBH I don't know a whole lot about it since I don't play olympus. I know that ManaCube is a business the problem I have is people treating it like and comparing it to a REGULAR business. This is a Minecraft server, not a McDonalds. We're not paid...
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    The Fall of Manacube

    Hey, so I'm bored of other staff giving really formal responses so I'm just gonna put it bluntly The global staff permissions were down for a few hours whilst Dacon changed the bungee permissions plugin used in order to prevent lag, which is one of the main points of the original post...