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    Parkour "Parthenon" - Medium

    +1 Looks nice, the parkour was enjoyable and was an overall fun experience. The only point of criticism is that the theme isn't very unique. Great map and good luck getting it accepted! Just to clarify, this is NOT a finalised accept but just my opinion ;D
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    -1 The parkour is really repetitive and the build isn't that nice to look at. Most of the parkour focusses around one build and the rest is in the middle of nowhere. Other than that there was a nice vary in the parkour. Good luck on getting a map accepted Just to clarify, this is NOT a...
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    Yeezus Parkour - Medium

    -1 The map swaps between easy and hard, meaning it should really be a hard map. Next the only build that you have really incorporated with the actual parkour is Kanye West. I would recommend that you have more parkour around the other objects in the map. Other then that, the builds looked...
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    Blue by RandomGuy0 - Easy

    -1 Sorry to take up your time only to give you a -1 however the map had no interesting theme and nothing really to look at. The parkour was varied though and nice to do, it just needs a good theme and something to look at in the map Just to clarify, this is NOT a finalised answer but just my...
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    Blue by RandomGuy0 - Easy

    Please can you follow the proper submission format otherwise no one can successfully assess your map :/
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    McDonalds map (Medium) by Nicothenic

    +0 The map looks good and the parkour is varied but the map is quite small and short. I think it would be better if you added more structures to the build and made the parkour a little bit longer. Also the fries look quite unrealistic and considering they're a third of the map's build I would...
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    Thunder Mountain / Easy

    -1 The map didn't look that great, honestly. If there was more in there I might reconsider. Also, it's not very clear which direction you are meant to be going and I would probably have got lost if I couldn't fly. Also, I think the map is too difficult to be easy but also not long enough to...
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    Thunder Mountain / Easy

    Your map submission does not match the attached plot. Please repost the submission with the correct map link and preferably some screenshots ;D
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    Trick or Treat? - Easy

    +1 Great map, loved the builds and the variety in parkour. Only point of critique is the slime block jump in the pumpkin is REALLY hard and took me many attempts. Other then that great map and I'd love to see it added Just to clarify, this is NOT an automatic accept but just my opinion ;D
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    Halloween Paradise

    Either the jump is impossible or it's unclear where to go. Either way should be edited in some way :/
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    Halloween Paradise

    -1 Personally I think the parkour is good and enjoyable. However some of the builds look really artificial and bad to look at. On top of that there's a part which I'm pretty sure is impossible. Please remember that the parkour must be possible in 1.8.9. Just to clarify, this is NOT an...
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    Giant Pumpkins

    -1 Firstly the parkour was VERY repetitive. The pumpkin design was copied numerous times and looks quite bad. Secondly the jumps are incredibly dark on in the inside of the pumpkins and really hard to do the parkour (might just be me but I have no shaders/textures on). Honestly the map felt...
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    Pooh & Owl | medium

    +1 The map looked great and the parkour was very fun. Only point of critique is that the tree looks really artificial and could maybe be built to look more wavy and like a real tree? Other than that the parkour was fun and fits medium well! Great map Just to clarify, this is NOT an automatic...
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    Parkour Map: Reverse

    -1 I'm going to give it a -1 because of three main things. Firstly, the parkour is too hard for medium and should be changed to hard at least. Secondly the majority of the map is based around pixel art with little parkour relating to it which is TECHNICALLY allowed but doesn't make for a great...
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    Rejected Highway to Hell - Medium

    -1 Before I get into this, I just wanna say that this was a REALLY tough decision to make. The parkour is good and varied but the appearance of the map is quite boring and doesn't really envision the name of the map. If I were you, I would spend a little more time working on the the actual...