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    SIGN SHOPS on survival-style servers

    Thx for the response. If I had my way, /shop would be overpriced to encourage players to build shops of their own but I also like the idea of it being limited. Anyway, thanks for a constructive response! :D
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    If you are indeed correct in the fact that the /delwarp function included within Essentials can be used to delete any warp, then I don't want that to be allowed. However, most warp plugins allow for a /delwarp command that only allows a person to delete their own warps. I do not want people to...
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    I'm going to keep this short because it doesn't normally need an arguement: If you have the /setwarp ability, you should most definitely be able to delete your own warps without requiring staff assistance... You should be able to use /delwarp on your own warps. The Essentials plugin should...
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    SIGN SHOPS on survival-style servers

    Firstly, sign shops work regardless of the owner being online or not. Secondly, sign shops work on a completely different system to /shop so things can't be sold to there. When I say sign shop, I don't mean a shop that simply does /shop for you (I couldn't tell what you meant) Hopefully this...
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    SIGN SHOPS on survival-style servers

    Signs shops are so essential for survival servers. I know that most people on survival use AH and chat to sell everything, but it would be really cool to have shops that you can visit and buy certain objects when that player is not online. There's not really much else to say so I'll just end it...
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    Rejected Nether Jumper: By Prodigae

    Vote: -1 Response: Firstly, it's prefered to based in a void. Secondly, this is way to hard and long to be expert. Thirdly, parkour has plots for a reason :/. On top of all of these, the parkour was really quite boring. On the other hand, the build looked amazing and the parkour was vaired...
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    Rejected The Dices / Hard map

    Vote: -1 Response: The dice looked quite ugly and I think it's a little too short for a hard, yet a little to hard for a medium. If you remade the dice and make the course longed (and maybe added background) it would be a +1. I did love the vairety in parkour, but it was let down by the theme...
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    Rejected Suicidal Plane: Prodigae

    Vote: -1 Response: The build was quite strange, a plane with TNT around it, same plane without and then an air balloon with lots of stuff in between. The parkour was quite boring and unvaried. On the other hand, the planes and air balloon looked about as realistic as you can get in Minecraft
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    Accepted Gravity Rush / Easy parkour

    Vote: +1 Response: Good build. Fun parkour. Only negative is there's no point on the map where you'll get an good view of the build. There are things in the way at the beginning and other than that, you only get a side view. Other than that, great map!
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    Rejected Marble column: Medium(unsure)

    Vote: -1 Response: The pillar itself looked incredibly unattractive and it looked sort of rushed. Secondly, you can skip out the first bit in the pillar by just going around and up the bottom of the pillar. White wool was a bad choice for a building material for it. On the other hand, lots of...
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    Accepted Test | Easy

    Vote: -1 Response: Firstly, it took me a while to realise what it actually was, and that was after I finished the map. Secondly, the parkour itself was boring and really quick. You should try making a longer level next time. Finally, the name "Test" doesn't really describe it more than the name...
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    Rejected MysticLake | Easy

    Vote: +1 Response: Good map.The parkour was fun and the build was nice to look at. Only criticism is that the parkour's kind of short. It could benifit it there was a bit longer. Good map though!
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    Accepted Slide | Easy

    Vote: -1 Response: Firstly, you should fix how you can go up the slide and skip a whole section of parkour out. Secondly, the theme was quite poorly expressed: When someone builds a map called slide, you sort of expect it to either encorporate the theme more or be a really cool building of a...
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    Accepted Battle Bus: Prodigae and Eldarly

    In the game Fortnite it's the method in which you enter the area to play the game Battle Royale. It's iconic because you have to see it before every game and it doesn't exist in any other game (if you're excluding the plane in PUBG)
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    Rejected MagicMirrors

    Response: Thank you for valuable feedback. I have now changed difficulty to Hard. I hope you enjoyed my map and thx again for feedback!