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    Finished Pumpkin Carving

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    Rejected Alphabet // Medium

    Username: Axiatinc Map name: Alphabet Photos of your Parkour: The # of your Plot / or warp name to it: /plot visit Axiatinc Difficulty (Easy, Medium, Hard, Expert, Insane): Medium Number of jumps: 29
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    Broken hoppers

    You probably placed the hoppers wrong.
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    Wanting to Buy a Base

    I play on survival and recently i realized our parties base is out of date, i wanna purchase a new base, if anyone can do this for us, please message me on survival with /msg, discord (axiatinc#0001) or on the forum.
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    I need help im dying inside

    I need help im dying inside
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    /warp Pepe

    Yeah they really are awesome lol :D
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    /warp Pepe

    I recently got /warp pepe built in Survival on Manacube, it turned out AMAZING, heres a photo of the warp: You can also see the huge pixel art at /warp grinds (my public grinder) through the glass bulge in the wall. Huge thanks to @KrazyClay for building this wonderful thing, it turned out...
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    KrazyClay - Build Team Application

    awesome work <3 good luck :D
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    First word that you think of after the last persons word.

    Hi! Rules: Only post 1 word. No double posts. How to play: Post the first word you think of when you read the last persons word/post. Let’s begin! First word: Pineapple
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    Axiatinc’s Introduction

    Hiya! I’m axiatinc. You may have seen me on Survival or Creative or maybe even Olympus... I joined here about 2 months ago and started on Olympus with my brother. But then we went to Islands, and then I went to creative slightly. And then we went to Survival, and stayed there. I feel like I’m...
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    Survival Bugs:

    Hi! There’s a bug in the nether, when you do /rtp in the nether, it errors and says to wait x amount of seconds. And then cool down starts. Also party fly is super unreliable and it’s so hard to get it to work and it messes up normal /fly and /tf