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  • I have one question For you!
    In your server manacube Can I play in skyblock for free I mean like with no rank can I play
    You don't need a rank to play any gamemode. Skyblock is currently down meaning no one can join. Hopefully, it'll be up soon.
    ¿Can i get my mvp+ on forum and on discord?
    You get your rank in the discord by looking at #info. Linking ranks to the forums is broken atm.
    hey dacon when you see this well why is it that when you vote in for excamble parkour you can't get rewards in prison or skyblock
    you vote in 1 server it only goes with the vote key to the you used to vote with.and if i voted on parkour all times i would not get the vote keys on other servers.You get mana on creative.
    I have also accidently been somewhere when people have killed other people and I got accused for doing it (glitch killing I think). Then I picked up some of the stuff and took it without thinking it was wrong, but I ended up giving the stuff I took back to who owned it. Please unban I just want to have fun on manacube.
    Hi Dacon, I have just gotten banned from Manacube for glitch killing but I didn't do that and I don't even know what that is. I haven't killed anyone and I really don't want to be banned. I also got banned for tp killing which I never actually did and I was told that you can't get banned for that by people. So if I could somehow be unbanned because this is unfair I would really appreciate that.
    Don't even try, you know what you did.
    So I've been on this server for a little while now. But lately I've been losing some of my crops(wheat and carrots) to a player called curttron321. He takes crops from areas I haven't been able to claim yet. I've reported this to sunset magic but she was too busy at the time. I understand that if my items are in the wilderness anyone take them. That being said, I still ask for your help.
    Hi Dacon, I have been on this server since 2014 and I have the 2015 Halloween kit on creative, when I use the kit it said to contact an administrator and it was improperly defined. A staff member told me to ask you when I said it wasn't on the reclaim holiday package, so what do I have to do?
    Bro Im IliirTBS I've been banned for fake eCheck but i Showed Proof to 1 of your staff team IDK why im still banned
    Today I tried to log in a while ago to manacube but won't let me, it says (cant connect to this server) but all the other servers are working perfectly. is there any way you could help?
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