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    Rejected Ice Dragon

    Thank you very much for the feedback!
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    Rejected Ice Dragon

    Owners: EPGaming Map Name: Ice Dragon How to get there: /plot v EPGaming 4 Difficulty: Insane Jumps: ~130
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    Rejected Nether Jumper: By Prodigae

    Alot of blocks used from 1.12, recommended version in parkour is 1.8.9, doesn't meet the block requirements to be transferred.
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    Rejected The Dices / Hard map

    Original theme, just don't like the look of the dices themselves. Maybe it's the numbers too far out our too small. It just doesn't really apply to the eye. -1
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    Accepted Gravity Rush / Easy parkour

    +1, good job shinx and Nice nose x)
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    Accepted Slide | Easy

    You can skip the first halve of the map. Please fix this.
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    Rejected Toys | Easy

    Original idea. Had no idea what the giant wool blocks stood first at first glance but I guess they're just playing blocks. Loved the original plot and nice build skills. +1
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    Rejected MagicMirrors

    An idea like this had already been submitted, sadly it was rejected as it was "confusing". Maybe people will overlook it this time as it is the main theme. Outside could have some working on since it's only 1 repeated pattern with some shape at the front. Overal theme original, but if people are...
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    Accepted Battle Bus: Prodigae and Eldarly

    I agree with Drako at some points that the parkour is the majority of the build. But the parkour itself was pretty fun and original. The build itself isn't bad either. Sure it's distracting but I can still see the theme. +1
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    Selling Rank Upgrade Paper

    Can u transfer it to Parkour?
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    Rejected Elemental

    I think he means Asia themed builds. And it indeed looks alot like the other asian typed builds on the server.
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    Parkour Ranks Cost Chart

    Good job Kroro, very usefull to know that I have to get 103k to champion ;-; x)
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    Rejected MysticLake | Easy

    :O, that would be a nice idea.
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    Rejected Marble column: Medium(unsure)

    Good for you Animal x)
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    Rejected SunflowerPlainz (Easy)

    I am revoking my +1 after I had put some thought into this and played the map again. I can see that litterly everyone can build this in a mere 10 minutes. The jumps are like Jake said a little bit on the short side as it's only 1 sort of jump the whole time. Excuse me for giving this an -1.