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    Fixes Needed for Atlas... again

    But he does? There’s an Update channel in the community discord, and an entire section here on the forums that players can view at any time. Just because he doesn’t come on to update you all personally, doesn’t mean he doesn’t make the effort to - you just have to meet him half way and...
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    The best darn pig that ever did live.

    The best darn pig that ever did live.
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    Reward Key from completing quest

    Hello, @KRAZYKUB. I’d suggest filing a support ticket for this, so an admin can hopefully help resolve this for you. Please try to include the evidence in your ticket too! Here’s the link:
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    To me, constantly answering the same questions day in, day out is like studying - Just...

    To me, constantly answering the same questions day in, day out is like studying - Just constantly refreshing my knowledge. I’m glad I have the opportunity to help people, that alone is enough recognition for me. To think this crazy journey started back in December with what would be my first...
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    Fixes Needed for Atlas... again

    While I understand and appreciate your concerns, I would just like to address this issue (again) - prepare for a novel. As a player, and fellow member of the community, I do completely understand the frustration and concerns you and other Atlas players are expressing, however after being part...
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    Favorite Color(s)

    As long as you love red a little more than the others, that’s completely okay. ;)
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    ban without a reason

    Hello, @mat. Your recent appeal was rejected. You can re-appeal this shortly if you wish. Sorry for the inconvenience, have a nice day/night.
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    Personally, this isn’t something I see changing (in the near future anyway). We do in fact have a similar mechanic in Survival, that being if a player is inactive for 60+ days, ownership of their party gets passed down, or the party disbands and the land is unclaimed. However, this works well...
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    Honestly, you had me at "(right click obsidian with a potato)” But in all seriousness, I’m glad the players finally have a release date! Maybe now I won’t be attacked by questions about it every time I speak in discord *cough* @Ray (instanding) *cough*. I love the ideas, and the idea of the...
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    Can't get in??

    Try connecting with the IP Play.ManaCube.Net, there seems to be an error with the IP Play.ManaCube.Com, but it’s been reported. You can also join with the direct IP for Parkour (Parkour.Manacube.Com), then join the server you wish to connect to through that.
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    Hello, @BastyCZHD. Please file a support ticket here for this, so an Admin or higher can look into this for you;
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    Favorite Color(s)

    Red is truly the best colour.
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    Grade Error?

    Hello, @optaztron. I’m sorry about this! I will pass this on to the Creative staff in hopes they can resolve this for you. I assume they just made an error with the grading. This should hopefully be resolved soon, have a nice day/night!
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    Today is my birthday!

    Happy borningday! Have a great day, I hope all your wishes come true!
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    Unfortunately, I don’t see one on this specific minion from scrolling through the forums. I believe they’re quite new (compared to the seller), so this may be why. I’m sure if you have any questions about the minion however, a member of staff or a member of the community who’s experienced with...