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    Tentacool - Easy

    Username: JakeNoot Map name: Tentacool Photos of your Parkour:
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    Magnemite - Easy

    Username: JakeNoot Map name: Magnemite Photos of your Parkour: The # of your Plot / or warp name to it: /plot home JakeNoot 5 | Plot -48;-39...
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    Cyndaquil - Easy

    My apologies, I understand where you're coming from. I tried to build it the best I could, heh. Building organically is hard. Thanks for the reply!
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    Bellsprout - Easy

    Username: JakeNoot Map name: Bellsprout Photos of your Parkour:
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    Cyndaquil - Easy

    Map has been slightly modified, including a small Pokeball and easier slime jumps!
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    Cyndaquil - Easy

    Username: JakeNoot Map name: Cyndaquil Photos of your Parkour:
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    dont lie

    dont lie
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    Accepted Map Submission - Playground

    Hey! I really liked this map, the build is good and is well-incorporated with the build. I did, however, think the parkour was somewhat repetitive, as there was lots of fence jumps and not much variety between other types of jumps- the slime block, however, was a nice touch! For these reasons...
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    how the fuck

    how the fuck
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    Accepted Mystery Shack - Easy

    I wasn't really able to add anything without it ruining the parkour. Sorry!
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    Rejected Map School Escape

    “how big I was talking about”- You’ve said the same thing on 2+ posts- you’d think you'd actually say the correct information instead of continuing to spread that info at least once.
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    Rejected Nintendo Switch - Expert

    Username: JakeNoot Map name: Nintendo Switch Photos of your Parkour:
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    Closed NetherLand

    I'm giving this map a -1. There's so many Nether themed maps already, and another one just isn't original, nor good for the server. Besides this reason, the map itself isn't attractive at all, and the building could use lots of work. It seems the theme isn't well executed at all, as most of the...
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    Closed Pigman

    To add on to Noah’s comment, the build looks kind of flat. I think it could definitely be improved by adding more depth and taking time to make it look better. As well as this, try to put your own style into the build! The pigman doesn’t seem to have any difference from the default Minecraft...