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    Accepted Cap'n Cuttlefish / Easy parkour (Not my map)

    I don’t even know what splatoon is but I like the build +1
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    Accepted Icey Peak / Hard

    Good build, jumps are a bit hard for the difficulty but the map is a little shorter so it cancels out. +1
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    Word Challenge!

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    Finish the sentence above!

    When I play manacube I have snacks and play parkour My brother finally finished his _ and gave it to _
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    Yum or Yuck?

    yum!! eggs benedict?
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    [Forum Game] Yes or No?

    Yes. Are dogs better than cats?
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    Rejected Execution // Expert

    So was I xD
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    Accepted Phantom // Expert

    Good build + fun parkour = +1
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    Rejected Execution // Expert

    As one of the creators of the pill parkour I find this offensive
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    Accepted Map Submission- Sandcastle

    If it even gets accepted the jumps are probably gonna be changed in the nerf lol.
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    Accepted Map Submission- Sandcastle

    JustKyrO Course: Sandcastle /plot visit JustKyrO 8 Insane
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    Accepted DropKick! / Expert Parkour

    Never have I ever given shinx anything but a +1
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    Trying to think of a map theme >.<

    Trying to think of a map theme >.<
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    me too .-.

    me too .-.
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    Accepted GenjiPK

    The theme is original and I think the build is quite nice! Maybe a little more variation in parkour but still very enjoyable!! +1