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    Can we make elytra parkour???

    1. There is no need to get mad and type in all caps 2. Your argument that it would lag the server is wrong, people already play on higher versions than 1.8.9 and increasing the amount of players wouldn't change anything. ------------------- About your Idea ItsRainingMen: While it would be a cool...
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    Rejected The End Is Near...

    Pixelart as the main build isn't allowed anymore, please read the requirements next time. It would have saved you a lot of work. -1 from me.
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    how do you delete a plot.

    If you might wanna delete a plot in the future the command is "/plot delete" while you are on the plot you wanna get rid off.
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    Rejected Feel the Pane- Hard

    You should have just made a giant 50jump panetower lol, jokes aside: The Parkour itself is fun, but I don't think redstone works/is allowed in the parkour World. And you are missing a build, it's just floating blocks, judges nowadays want to see a good, original build. So it's a -0.5 from me.
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    Rejected Map School Escape

    You just contradicted yourself. It clearly says small mazes are allowed and no where in your post did you say that only small mazes are allowed. You said: "Mazes are not allowed". So please as JakeNoot said, don't spread wrong information.
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    I forgot to post that I'm back, so eh hi ye I'm back

    I forgot to post that I'm back, so eh hi ye I'm back
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    Parkour - Player Judges

    I feel like making a seperate role that allows you to only close/move threads from the map submission section would be to hard to create. And you don't need to give them perms to break blocks.
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    Parkour - Player Judges

    Yeah I agree, why not just give them the power to accept/deny maps but not actually add them. You would just need to be able to give them the perm to close threads
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    Rejected Medieval Sky Lands

    Ok so I'm home and the tested the parkour. It's pretty fun and has some variation so that's good. But it's way to long for and easy. I would call it a medium/hard from the length and a medium from the difficulty so in my opinion I would rate it as a medium. I also found a skip at the start of...
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    Changed my name - can I get mapper back?

    The server reset, it's season 2 of parkour now. So you won't be getting your Insane rank but you should be able to get your mapper back
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    Rejected Medieval Sky Lands

    Glad to help, btw I'll be home in about 2 days then I'll test the parkour
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    Rejected White hell //Hard

    The build is just some random wool without any theme, you should always try and go for a new original Idea and try and make a nice build out of it. But the parkour does look like it has some variation and could be fun. Sorry but it's a -1 from me. Good luck!
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    Rejected MooshroomPK

    As I now have a picture thanks to noah I can say something about the build. It seems to be mostly a reskin of an already existing map called "cow" or something like that. I feel like the build can be improved so I'm sticking with a -0.5 because I can't test the parkour
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    Rejected MooshroomPK

    1. I never said pictures are required, I only said that I i can't judge your map because I don't have acces to my computer at the moment and so pictures are my only option. 2. I'm pretty sure there is already a map themed mooshroom but I could be mistaken and that lowers the chance of your map...
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    Rejected Medieval Sky Lands

    As I am currently unable to acces my computer so I will be judging this only on the pictures provided. While the theme may not be original I think the build looks really good and that makes up for it. My biggest concern is the parkour as it seems to be mostly normal 2-4 block jumps which is...