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    Currently working on other projects

    Currently working on other projects
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    good luck on yt rank!

    good luck on yt rank!
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    Youtube Rank

    Yeah, he did a livestream on the parkour server last night! :)
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    Buyable sell wands on Olympus

    On /shop there should be an option to buy a sell wand for like 100-500 mil $. These could be easily farmed and distributed, breaking the economy, which is the reason for my second point. There should be like a 3 month - 6 month cooldown for buying it. Hopefully this will reward people actually...
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    Welcome back! We hope you find a place again! :)
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    lonely once again

    lonely once again
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    I'm sorry

    I'm sorry for my actions both in game, and on the forums in the past two days. What I did was wrong and if I could take back what I said, I would. I apologize to anyone I hurt, anyone who I disturbed, and I will never do it again. - Mine
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    Youtube Rank

    how do you delete replies
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    Youtube Rank

    +1 I like your creativity and skill in deisnging thumbnails (which I assume you make yourself) and I'm sure others will too.
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    Contemplating my life

    Contemplating my life
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    Alphabet Forum Game / By Miku

    Xtreme food
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    Alphabet Forum Game / By Miku

    Vaccines (not really)
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    Actually useful anvil ideas

    Anvils could be used to forge together different items with a custom gui. You will need the Hephaestus rebirth to use them, or just do /forge. Forging the items will work just like a normal anvil, but it will carry all the custom enchants/pickaxe upgrades along with it. Each forge should cost...
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    Server lag due to 1.13

    Wouldn't it be better to have beta testers working on a different server with the same map and plugins be better for the playerbase, that wants to play without severe lag, and then just implement the update when it's near perfection? Saying this for 1.14 onwards.
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    Answer the question above you

    No. Who else likes the sound of police car sirens?