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    Finished Creative Build Contest - July 20-22

    monkamonk13 kingaroo
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    ChaosityZogg - Build Team Application

    cant you use imgur for your portfolio :weary:
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    Juraj Nikolić - Build Team Application

    Imma just say this, that first house isnt yours. Ive played on servers that have custom terrain and have that house. Dont say work is yours when it isnt.
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    Accepted Trumpet Parkour

    i played it and it was fun. very good pk :D
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    Finished Easter Build Competition

    monkamonk13, lycqn
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    an admins love story ♡

    im c r y i n g
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    Lack of Attention for Creative

    i agree 100% lovely post ;>
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    Accepted Phoenix Parkour

    TheHammerOfSteel, Kingaroo, Monkamonk13 ./plot h TheHammerOfSteel 2 Medium Jumps- 43ish
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    Accepted Rainbow Cone Parkour

    Creators- Seany, Monkamonk13, Vaen ./plot visit seany 3 Difficulty- easy Jumps- 23
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    Accepted Piggy Bank Parkour

    Creators- Smithicent, sadlovesong, and Monkamonk13 Warp- /plot visit smithicent 5 Medium-Hard (There are no checkpoints.) Jumps- 23ish
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    Petition To Remove The Filter

    zionks papa pk never had a filter so thats why its strange now but ye i get u
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    Petition To Remove The Filter

    cuck but yes i agree
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    Rejected Amanda Parkour

    Builders- Monkamonk13 & Frugal_ /plot visit Frugal_ Difficulty- Hard 69ish jumps PS- This is the second meme map, next to Pepe. More to come hopefully :>