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    Lost Rank

    Hey @Marci glad to have you back on the server. To get your rank, you simply type /claim in game and reclaim it on the store. I have gone ahead and re-claimed your MVP rank for you, so you should be set next time you login.
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    Nice staff

    If you have an issue with your ban, you may appeal it: This will result in a review of the video evidence that staff are required to collect before banning for hacks.
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    Finished Horse Races Saturday October 20th 2018

    HAYlloween Horse Races Saturday October 20th 2018 1:00 PM CST/ 2:00 p.m. EST /7:00 PM BST And the winners were: Round 1: Muteya doublesmash01 xdelicate Round 2: BiBiBaBiBoBi, IcedAedqn, Joeyism Round 3: Faudon, Keya1994 bas22boy The HORRORses are rested, the track has been BOOtified and the...
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    Closed Just Bought Thy Rank

    The store records show that you have received VIP+ on Olympus, Creative, Kit and Survival. The commands are waiting to run the next time you login to parkour. If you are still missing ranks, please contact me in game, or on Discord at Purpz#3177
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    Finished Parkour Tournament

    Parkour Tournament Saturday October 6th As ManaCube leaps into its sixth year, Parkour Staff will be hosting a Parkour Tournament based on courses from the past. The tournament will involve four courses. The top finishers of each race will move on to the next round until a winner is declared...
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    Banned from webstore?

    I had said there were no charge backs on your username. I am not able to check IP bans on the store.
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    Someone steal my minecraft account.

    @DontYouWorry Please contact me on Discord at Purpz#3177 so I may get the information needed for a possible rank transfer. If you do not have discord, you may private message me on the forums. I can't make any promises, but we may be able to help you transfer the rank. Thanks
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    There is currently no rule on necro-posting. There are cases where posting on old threads has been a nuisance, and those are dealt with on an individual basis. . Many of our threads may be of interest to new or returning forums members, regardless of how old they are, for example how-to guides...
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    Admin "needs a macro"? :O

    I wanted a macro to make everyone's chat color purple, no harm there, just spreading happiness through the color purple. :rolleyes:
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    Count to 1000 Before a Admin posts

    28 and you will not beat Dylan, I can almost guarantee it.
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    Count to 1000 Before a Admin posts

    23 yeah but Dylan will let you get to about 993 before interrupting
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    Count to 1000 Before a Admin posts

    21 I'm just accepting my fate as the irrelevant admin :rolleyes:
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    Parkour - Player Judges

    While I appreciate your desire to help the community, being Parkour staff is the only way to become map judge for several reasons, which I will not go into. If you would like to give your input on maps, you are welcome to look at and comment on every map posted. That is why maps are posted for...
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    Parkour - Player Judges

    If you would like to become a map judge, then please apply for Parkour Staff. :rolleyes: