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    So i think im quitting lol

    Oh hey, didn't see you there So i have no purpose on Skyblock anymore since i got kicked and its hard to make any money now. If I get an opportunity to come back and be reinvited to the island or join one again next season then i might try playing again. I feel like this servers become toxic i...
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    Skyblock Money Making

    people earn most of their money from cactus. There are also smaller but less efficient and easier options like ig farm which take alot of investment and selling cubits, mana , ces and auctioning valuable and items in demand hope this helped.
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    Mob Kills

    I used sweeping edge when it was still enabled and got 80k in an hour because we spent 40 mil on skeletons unfortunately at this time you cant use that tactic.
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    /kit master

    I agree things in the perk chest like kit master need to be altered but also things like p weather id rather just not have in the perk chest. I bought all the perks since I wanted /block and unfortunately, that was the last perk I could get.
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    Accepted YouTube Application

    +1 meet the requirements good luck :D
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    Rejected CowIsBad's Youtube Rank Application

    must average 150+ views
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    Broken Perks

    you can also get ut from a perk crate.
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    so skyblock reset. about time lol.

    so skyblock reset. about time lol.
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    so i'm back from my break

    So I've been focusing on fortnite , I'm very glad to see how skyblock still isn't back up. I tried to change my name on forums and if it wasnt hard enough before its literally impossible now. If you find out how to do it you will get erm. A memer of the month award from me. I know it was pretty...
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    there is maintenance
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    Are you missing Skyblock???

    i miss jumping round my island for hours because I've done everything and I'm just waiting for reset :(
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    Counting to a million ;)

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    Island members

    its not far