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    Boss_Turtle - Staff Application

    -1 No detail. I'm convinced this is a joke application considering you didn't even do the discord question right.
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    so skyblock reset. about time lol.

    so skyblock reset. about time lol.
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    so i'm back from my break

    So I've been focusing on fortnite , I'm very glad to see how skyblock still isn't back up. I tried to change my name on forums and if it wasnt hard enough before its literally impossible now. If you find out how to do it you will get erm. A memer of the month award from me. I know it was pretty...
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    there is maintenance
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    Are you missing Skyblock???

    i miss jumping round my island for hours because I've done everything and I'm just waiting for reset :(
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    Counting to a million ;)

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    Island members

    its not far
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    Island members

    its not
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    Island members

    I'm looking for people to join my island next season Requirements Well known be active have discord not annoying that's all if interested message me on discord or on forums Discord: Dogecoin#0418
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    June 2018

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    SkyBlock Server?

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    Wilbo introduction

    Even though I've played on the server for almost a year I thought I'd still make this for the people who don't know me. My name is WilboShakespeare but I like to be called Wilbo. I got the name from a joke my friend made when we were studying William Shakespeare in english and he said Wilbo...