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    Rejected AquaLand - Hard

    +1 from me! it was very fun to play!
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    Rejected Tower Of Terror

    hi build/decoration ok so, the build was not so great, could've been better, and the decoration wasn't so great. parkour the parkour was definitely NOT an insane map. yes, the parkour is long, but the parkour itself was a medium difficulty. i suggest changing it into a medium or maybe even...
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    Rejected Highway to Hell - Medium

    -1 the jumps are perfect for a medium, but the build isn't really that good. I don't understand why its the highway to hell if you're going up.
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    Rejected Halloween Paradise

    hi, i'm quinn, aka spilltheteaasis. decoration/build i really like the builds and decorations, although I think you should put fewer cobwebs. the builds really suit the theme and its good. +1 parkour i don't really like the parkour, the jumps are a bit easy, and you should make them a...
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    Rejected Mount Olympus - Expert

    thanks for the feedback, i'll try and make the pk easier
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    Rejected Time // Medium

    jumps I didn't really like the jumps. they weren't varied and had the same head jumps everywhere. maybe you could change some jumps and make it varied. build/decorations the heads were cute with the clocks and all, but I think you could make the clock better. plus, there were holes in the clock...
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    Rejected CubeWorld | Insane

    jumps they are fun to play + varied. definitely an insane map. decoration the decoration/build was cool. I just think u could add a little bit more to it. overall I give this a +.05. hope this gets accepted!
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    Rejected Jake and Finn's Treehouse - Expert

    loved it! definitely a +1 for me!
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    Accepted Tears / Easy

    jumps the jumps are cool and varied, and fun to play but seems too hard for an easy. I suggest changing it to medium. decoration/build the builds are detailed and cool, but I think it could be better. you could add more tears or something like that. I give this a +1 hope this gets added!
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    Rejected Mount Olympus - Expert

    thanks for that suggestion, I changed it to expert!
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    ive been baned becaus mans pvp skills be on point ;)

    if you think it's a kid server why you swearing *sips tea* ( lol sorry had to do it )
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    Accepted Parkour "Aloha" - Medium

    OMG it's so cool! Loved all the jumps, and is the best map i've played!
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    Rejected Mount Olympus - Expert

    Username: pagibig Map name: Mount Olympus Photos of your Parkour:(friend took pics and sent them on discord)