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  1. BlueRains

    Guide: Olympus Block Prices

    Lmao. Changed it
  2. BlueRains

    Mildly Infuriating ep 2

    Its diorite, but the command block tag is stone 3, or stone 5 (to get it in your inv with /give in 1.12.2)
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    (easy to add) Suggestion: Blocking /fly in Plots

    That is not neccecary, with other flags you can use /p flag set fly false, and to enable fly /p flag remove fly. That way the flag is removed and you should be able to fly again.
  4. BlueRains

    Guide: Olympus Block Prices

    Thank you for mentioning it, I've added it. A block is 9 times worth the item.
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    Guide: Olympus Block Prices

    These are the prices per block. The mine you are in in that moment does not matter for the sale price. The new blocks are highlighted in blue. With multipliers you can get more money for blocks. You can get an sell multiplier with a donator rank or with a rebirth: [Normal] The numbers in the...
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    Guide: Blast Mining Techniques

    Please make one for normal pickaxes, with/without Explosive. Also, top-down. ty!
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    Finished Rainbow Road

    In what version?
  8. BlueRains

    More Suggestions for Olympus

    You get /nv from the Artemis rebirth, and Dragon Bombs from the voting crate as well. Emperor, this idea is awesome, and it'd open up a whole new trade, that of vote chests. :)
  9. BlueRains

    Tutorials and Basic Commands - They need a fix

    Add that there is no /pay. Almost everyone asks for boosting and every time I'm on the server I (and all the other experienced players) have to say at least 3 times that there is no /pay.
  10. BlueRains

    Guide: Rebirth Tutorial

    Do you get a 2x XP bonus? Because when I did the Hermes rebirth, I got 2 SkillSwipe books and some text in the chat "Just kidding about the multiplier, didn't think anyone would do this"
  11. BlueRains

    God Speedrun - Fast Money

    /warp winchpork isn't working at the moment, as a (temporary) replacement is /warp winchpork1 and /warp winchpork2. However, they are not open all the time.
  12. BlueRains

    A Complete Olympus Enchantment Guide [PART 2]

    You made a mistake with SkillSwipe, you call it Snare at first. (the first word)