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  1. Iliux

    What server has the best community, in your opinion?

    I’ve played on Survival, Skyblock, Olympus, Islands, and Parkour. I mostly play on Olympus though. Here is my order (From worst to best). The Islands community is rather silent so I can’t say too much about it. The Parkour community is very toxic in a way. The Skyblock community seemed fine to...
  2. Iliux

    (Idea) Enchantment Book Splitting

    I had an idea with enchantment books. Since it is possible to combine two books of the same value I was wondering if a feature could be implemented that does the opposite. For example, you could take a Headless 5 book and change it into two Headless 4 books. This would add more possibilities to...
  3. Iliux

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for ban evasion
  4. Iliux

    Kilton - Mana Shops - Bug Fixes

    Nice update! I’m a little confused about Kilton. Is it just a skyblock addition or is it global? Mana shops seem like a great addition but it adds another way for people to easily scam others. But overall great!
  5. Iliux

    (easy to add) Suggestion: Blocking /fly in Plots

    This seems like a great idea and addition to plot flags. I have seen some problems like this occur before. Perhaps there might also be a way to disable some effects like jump boost or speed. This addition would open up more possibilities for you with your plot.
  6. Iliux

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for saying he is a god when he isnt
  7. Iliux

    Word Challenge!

  8. Iliux

    This or That

    Anime Tacos or Burritos
  9. Iliux

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for being xSytho
  10. Iliux

    Post your last Ctrl + V

    (\_/) ( -_-) /> > (\_/) ( -_-) /> <\ (\_/) (-_- ) < <\ Don’t ask
  11. Iliux

    Corrupt a Wish

    Granted, but you now find no more enjoyment from playing Minecraft so you uninstall the game and burn your computer. I wish for a good logo.
  12. Iliux

    Olympus Mines Guide

    This is a great way to help beginners. I would add a little more color into it so it is a little easier to read.
  13. Iliux

    Useful Commands For Beginners

    Also I have to mention you can do /p auto or /p a to find and claim the nearest unclaimed plot. This avoids all the running. Mostly since all of the plots are claimed within a 1,500 radius of /warp plots.
  14. Iliux

    Continuation on VIP Mine Thread:

    The reset time should not be short or else it would be too OP. Also the VIP+ mine would only have 95% in it :). The MVP+ mine is too overpowered having 60% emerald. You also brought up a good point where blast it disabled. I believe it should be disabled in the VIP mine currently. It causes the...
  15. Iliux

    Guide: Rebirth Tutorial

    For the order I would suggest it would be: Initial Rebirths: (These are the best rebirths to do first, specifically in this order.) Hades (This is the best rebirth do do first, it may not seem easy but it is great for early game because you will normally be mining the first few rebirths and a...
  16. Iliux


    The perks for ranks do need to be changed/redistributed a bit. Like a few others have said, MVP+ should get the best perks because it is the best rank. MVP+ seems to get the most perks added onto it. But on other servers like Survival, Islands, and Skyblock /fly is a VIP+ perk. Perhaps they...
  17. Iliux

    God Speedrun - Fast Money

    Mining is the most important part of the game. It is called “Prison” for a reason, that means mine. It may feel a little grindy at first when mining, but later you start to progress quite fast. I would also suggest you mine the first two or three rebirths (depending on how much you can afk), so...
  18. Iliux

    Add /plot move or /plot report

    I completely agree with this and hope it is implemented. This would make the game much better so you wouldn’t have to restart if you want to merge plots. This is one of the best ideas I have heard on here in a while!
  19. Iliux


    Numbers : 85, 185 IGN: Iliux85