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    I hang out with you too much, it rubs off onto me. (:

    I hang out with you too much, it rubs off onto me. (:
  2. Cos

    new phone who dis

    new phone who dis
  3. Cos

    Count to 50 before a staff posts!

    Rip <3
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  5. Cos

    I don't know D:

    I don't know D:
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  7. Cos

    Hey! <3

    Hey! <3
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    Hello! Thank you for reporting, but in the future, use /report instead of staying quiet. I've been online all day (on creative though) and have gotten no reports for skyblock. Just do /report (username) (reason). You can see if any staff are on with /staff. If there are no staff on, then you can...
  9. Cos

    Skyblock Reset

    +1000 xD Completely agree
  10. Cos

    Count to 50 before a staff posts!

  11. Cos

    Skyblock Titles

    Agreed <3 It would be nice seeing some new titles
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    IGN: Disillusioning Why Should I win? CosWhyNot... I'm so sorry xD c:
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    Awesome idea! I'm in! Disillusioning
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    Heyo Sheepy <3

    Heyo Sheepy <3
  15. Cos

    Rawr Title

    This seems like a pretty cool title idea! But how would we get it? Buying it off shop? Or completing some type of challenge or something? Kind of like how the #1 island gets a title after reset?
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    Nub <3 xD

    Nub <3 xD
  17. Cos

    ManaCube Community Giveaway!

    Great idea, Walk! It's very generous of you to contribute something like this to the server!
  18. Cos

    MiniMod :P

    Both funny and true! This would be hilarious to see, the only problem I can see with this would be with newer players getting mixed up with the staff positions. Other than that though, 100% needs to happen!
  19. Cos

    The Halloween Bundle, good or bad?

    I agree with you on pretty much everything besides a few minor details here and there, I bought the bundle yesterday and I was really happy with everything. I'm practically in love with the orange chat. Just the horse armor is what got me confused xD It's pretty cool yeah, but what WOULD you use...
  20. Cos

    I might as well quit.

    You shouldn't quit just because of some people not liking you! ;o Sometimes people don't fancy your presence but that shouldn't stop you from playing something you like, right? You just have to keep on keeping on, I bet it will work out for you eventually! <3