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  1. Anxii_

    No Lapis Required Perk

    The No Lapis Required perk has been broken for a while, it has been reported and we are trying iur best to work ln a fix! Sorry about the inconvenience!
  2. Anxii_

    Feature Friday #1

    So cool! Love the exchangeable tempfly & purchasableminions. Survival has the best players fiTe mE
  3. Anxii_

    ManaCube App

    Apps take lots of money to make, not to mention might ruin the set up of the forums. I try to check forums when I’m at school at recess / lunch, and just have the forums already up on my ipad to check quickly, if that helps.
  4. Anxii_


    Dubby, your mute was an hour. You cannot appeal a mute that is less than 24 hours. Here is more evidence for your mute.
  5. Anxii_

    just a quick question

    “ God Gifts are summoned while mining in the mines. Every 5000 blocks you mine, there is a 50% chance a Gift will spawn. Gifts have a 70% chance @ common loot, 20% chance @ rare loot, and 10% chance @ Legendary loot.”
  6. Anxii_

    Enchantments are broken!

    Can you post a screenshot of this happening? Very weird
  7. Anxii_

    Helluw everyone!

    You seem like an awesome person. Is English your first language? If not, its very fluent :D
  8. Anxii_

    Life changing!

    Dude you’re the best! Can’t wait to meet you in-game, I’m so glad you got out of that rough patch.
  9. Anxii_

    Love the server

    I feel like publically saying to avoid these people is rude. If you want to warn someone about somebody else just pm them on discord or something... Just generally better
  10. Anxii_

    Love the server

    hey thats my server!
  11. Anxii_

    /quest /q problem

    Oh right Im dumb, will report it ty
  12. Anxii_

    /quest /q problem

    Whats wrong with it? I dont see anything bad.
  13. Anxii_

    “Justin Bieber was born today” anyone got a time machine real quick

    “Justin Bieber was born today” anyone got a time machine real quick
  14. Anxii_

    GOOD LUCK! (been there relax my child, it'll be ok)

    GOOD LUCK! (been there relax my child, it'll be ok)
  15. Anxii_

    it is now xd

    it is now xd
  16. Anxii_

    Ancient Trials

    May the odds be ever in your favour xD Loved this during testing, very fun! Good luck ya’ll!
  17. Anxii_

    Survival Questions

    Only the crafting book shows crafting recipes, and no map.
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