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  1. Bunstop

    Rejected Mage Spire - Medium

    Bunstop Mage Spire (from bloons) /plot v Bunstop 8 Medium 35 (I know it's short so I tried making it a bit harder)
  2. Bunstop

    Rejected AncientGoblet - Easy

    Bunstop AncientGoblet /plot v Bunstop 7 Easy 21 Jumps (I know it's really short but I tried making it a bit harder to make up)
  3. Bunstop

    Who will be the last post :ooo

    Inspired from the forum game of being the top post on the "Recent posts" section, now we can do it but have it actually be a forum game xDD So basically just be the last post and you win, I don't care what goes on in this thread as long as it follows the server rules so let's get started!! hi...
  4. Bunstop

    Accepted PrismTower - Hard

    Bunstop PrismTower /plot v Bunstop 4 Hard 64 Jumps/4 Checkpoints
  5. Bunstop

    Rejected AetherDimension - Hard

    Bunstop AetherDimension /warp AetherDimension or /plot v Bunstop 5 (On Creative) Hard 56 Jumps / 4 Checkpoints
  6. Bunstop

    Rejected FrozenVolcano - Medium

    Bunstop FrozenVolcano /plot v Bunstop 4 Medium 53 Jumps
  7. Bunstop

    Accepted Marshmallow Roast - Easy

    Bunstop Marshmallow Roast /plot v Bunstop 2 (At the back) Easy (Possibly a donator easy since I think it's on the harder side of easies) 35 Jumps
  8. Bunstop

    Accepted Candy Crush - Medium

    Bunstop Candy Crush /plot v Bunstop 2 Medium 51 Jumps
  9. Bunstop

    Parkour Jump Plot

    Hello everyone, I have made a plot with different parkour jumps on it because so many people's maps get rejected for having no variation in jumps, so I thought this could help them out c: Do /plot v Bunstop 5 to get there, hope it helps <3
  10. Bunstop

    Rejected Glowing Mushroom - Medium

    Bunstop Glowing Mushroom /plot v Bunstop 3 Medium (Could possibly be Hard though) 60 Jumps (I know it's long for a Medium lol)
  11. Bunstop

    Accepted Silo Races - Medium

    Bunstop Silo Races /plot v Bunstop 1 Medium (I could see this being a Hard as well though) 47 jumps
  12. Bunstop

    Rejected Camera | Hard

    _Bunstop_ Camera (or CameraPK) /plot v _Bunstop_ 3 Hard 61 Jumps and 4 Checkpoints Looking through map submissions I realized there's another camera map and by no means was I copying it
  13. Bunstop

    Rejected Servers Dropper | Easy Dropper

    _Bunstop_ Servers Dropper (I can't get pictures right now sorry :c) (Dropper rating) Easy, 15 mana first time, 1 mana repeat times Back of /plot v _Bunstop_ 4 I based this around the servers Manacube currently has, enjoy c:
  14. Bunstop

    Rejected Black Hole | Easy (Re-submission)

    _Bunstop_ Black Hole Easy Back of /plot v _Bunstop_ 2 (I kept the original parkour just in case I needed it) 24 jumps (1 checkpoint)
  15. Bunstop

    Parkour Event c:

    Hi, yup, I'm hosting a parkour event. Details are below: Hope to see some awesome competition in this c: Good luck to all, -Bun
  16. Bunstop

    Parkour and Seek Guide

    Well, I was browsing the forums and thought "Why is there not a parkour and seek guide that's up to date?" So here it is: What is Parkour and Seek?: Parkour and seek is a staff-run game in the Parkour server. Players (staff on the first round) hide on parkour courses. The hider of the next...
  17. Bunstop

    Parkour map word game

    I'm sure there's a game like this, just with anything instead of parkour maps. The way this works is I will say a parkour map (for example LuckyBlock) and someone will say a map starting with the last letter of the previous map. However there is a limited amount of maps so when staff post, they...
  18. Bunstop

    Accepted GoogleMaps | Easy

    _Bunstop_ GoogleMaps /plot v _Bunstop_ 4 Easy 27 Jumps & 2 Checkpoints
  19. Bunstop

    Rejected BirdCage | Easy

    _Bunstop_ and kingbunnies BirdCage /plot v _Bunstop_ 1 Easy 28 Jumps
  20. Bunstop

    Rejected Black Hole | Easy

    _Bunstop_ and kingbunnies Black Hole Click here Easy 21 Jumps /plot v _Bunstop_ 2