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  1. Spxrklezz


    Can we get an official reason why cashed Items like Infinity chest, Sell wand and Blast are not able to be brought over to season 2? and like I said on my previous comment, would it be a good idea to give Trench as a replacement for Blast? At the end of the day, the server is still run on a...
  2. Spxrklezz


    Welp we got scammed hard lol. An enchantment that is super rare in chests suddenly becomes common in the next season If blast is same as the next season’s Trench enchantment, why don’t players with blast gets a headstart by having trench enchantment? This way players with blast now dont feel...
  3. Spxrklezz

    February 2019

    oof my name is spelt wrongly :D Funny Dakota <3
  4. Spxrklezz

    Hey guys :)

    OGs never dies!! Welcome back:)
  5. Spxrklezz

    What video do you want ?

    Olympus :D
  6. Spxrklezz

    Suggestions for Pickaxes?

    I think the current enchantments for pickaxe are okay as for Olympus.
  7. Spxrklezz

    Count to 25 before Purple4me (ChocBar) POST to annoy the crap out of me!

    2. Its a cool game xD. More people should play it :D
  8. Spxrklezz

    Likes and Dislikes ?

    I have 658 hours in Olympus and I actually like the community there (other than the occasional chaos). The people there are very nice and friendly to others. I hope to see more things to do in Olympus such as Minigame and events on a different time as I can't really join many events due to the...
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    Sub to my channel please

    I wanted to look at your video but its taken down:(
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    Count to 25 before Purple4me (ChocBar) POST to annoy the crap out of me!

    24. Last number guys! i like aqua blue too
  11. Spxrklezz

    Sell Multipliers for Donors (Suggestion)

    It would be a good addition for donors!!! Adding it would also compensate the fact that some of the commands such as pet mini are not working
  12. Spxrklezz

    "Buckets Filled with Water" achievement

    The achievement has been removed!!
  13. Spxrklezz

    New Olympus Titles Giveaway Competition! - CLOSED

    Oh man, I just missed it
  14. Spxrklezz

    Level 99- The top miners

    Nice!!! I'm gonna catch up soon just wait :D
  15. Spxrklezz

    A few ideas to reduce lag.

    This would be resolved when manaclient is out! This is a great idea but perhaps make it longer? i don't know because some players might come back and if their plots are deleted that is bad YES PLEASE!!!
  16. Spxrklezz

    Tips for Olympus

    Would be better if you added the photo into spoiler so it looks nicer :D
  17. Spxrklezz

    Updates, Bug fixes, SB Week #12, Sneak peeks

    When this update comes into play it would be amazing!!! Thank you dacon <3
  18. Spxrklezz

    Vanilla Enchantments and Anvils

    I think anvils being disabled is not to prevent players from getting free repairs. I should be due to the nature of Olympus, building the best pick. Players could just repeatedly combine Starter pick(Eff.10 Unbrk.20) or Olympian pick(Eff.15 Unbrk.25 Fortune.3) and not use any mana to upgrade...
  19. Spxrklezz

    Different Plots In Shaders :D

    Oh man shaders is really cool gonna get into it and build some cool stuff too!!
  20. Spxrklezz

    Guide: Best Pickaxe Enchants

    Good guide overall just some minor mistakes! Haste, Autosell and Speed are not Vanilla Enchantments they are Custom Enchantments!