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  1. Moosezzz

    rage enchant

    Hello Milkerman! The Rage enchant is a bit buggy/broken, and you might encounter some troubles. Sadly, i do not believe there is much that can be done with it being this late into the season.
  2. Moosezzz

    help me again ._ .

    Hi Slimer! The Destroy Rate refers to your item(the pickaxe in this case). So if they destroy rate was 60%, that would be the rate of the tool to break. There is another percentage that destroys just the book and that is determined by the success rate. Since it was 75% chance of succeeding...
  3. Moosezzz

    How to obtain Chicken Eggs?

    Hi Korlimann, you will have to buy them or find natural chickens to use, otherwise i dont think theres any other way.
  4. Moosezzz

    Count to 50 before a staff posts!

    smh aloro ur mean
  5. Moosezzz

    THE BAN HAMMER HAS SPOKEN, please help.

    Hello fake! If you have a issue with a ban, please appeal here!
  6. Moosezzz

    My thoughts about this server

    Hi topping! I'm glad your enjoying your time here. If you need any help with anything you can contact me or the other staff members and we will hopefully be able to help! Hope you enjoy you time here !
  7. Moosezzz


    Hello mystic! Please follow this link and put your ban there, as well as an appropriate format for it!
  8. Moosezzz

    buying title of /jobs

    i believe all of the titles reset, if i'm not mistaken, but don't quote me on that. theres certain items you can bring over with you in the vault, but im not sure if you can somehow get titles in there if they do plan to reset them.
  9. Moosezzz

    Post your last Ctrl + V

    Legit_yayo89 was trying to find a supposed TP killer
  10. Moosezzz


    I'm not sure there's anything anyone cause really do about that. Was it an intentional log off or did you get booted? I mean most you could do is send this to staff and have them give you sort of a refund zulrah egg or however much it costed to get it.
  11. Moosezzz

    how dose every one like Mana Cube

    Definitely an older post, but I've been enjoying the Islands revamp and Survival :)
  12. Moosezzz

    Count to 50 before a staff posts!

    i cant believe theres 26 pages of this lmao, but sure ill participate 1.