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  1. 5bob15

    Rank Update: Part 1 + New Legendary Treasure

    Nice update! I'm assuming that Part 2 will include the other servers :p
  2. 5bob15

    Prison Should be Represented!

    @Dacon I want to ask u a quick question. When Olympus eventually opens, will I still have my "legacy/donation" rank on it or will I have to purchase a new rank?
  3. 5bob15

    Prison Tips and Tricks

    Time to go search the forums to see what Olympus is
  4. 5bob15

    Prison Tips and Tricks

    I know it's an old thread but there is literally nobody on prison so nobody has any interest on this topic :(
  5. 5bob15

    Prison Tips and Tricks

    This thread wouldn't be dead if people actually played prison... There is literally one person on there.
  6. 5bob15

    No Bow in OP Chests.

    Yeah this REALLY sucks when you're the victim on those small maps like palette. If someone gets the bow they are guaranteed the win there.
  7. 5bob15

    50% Easter Sale | March Top Voters

    Howdy xBacon, I haven't been on much lately. "Crunch Time" in school :( I was on today and couldn't find the rewards in my mail on the hub. Not sure what you can do buddy ^-^ Talk to you later!
  8. 5bob15

    What would you like to see next?

    Id like tekkit... but because it might not work id love it if it was a plugin ._.
  9. 5bob15

    Some Updates

    GJ guys ._. keep on voting :P
  10. 5bob15

    New Idea?

    After looking at survival games server for about 10 seconds... i saw the leaderboards, and wondered why skywars didn't have one ._. I think it would be cool to have a leaderboard. Maybe top ranked players or players with the most score. I hope you give the idea a little thought! ~5bob15
  11. 5bob15

    Skyblock Updates

    Dacon... I had TOOO many tokens..... Can u please check how many I had? I know I had a lot but im not sure .... I would like to have the tokens turned into the new coin currency... Have a nice day!
  12. 5bob15

    Minor Problem

    Hello Minevast Community! I was playing on the skywars server and decided to go exchange 8 gems for 75 score. While doing this i lost my 8 gems BUT I did not recieve my 75 score as it says in the shop menu! Please fix this. Youc an either give me 8 gems or 75 score... doesn't really matter...
  13. 5bob15

    Forum Donator Rank

    Hi, I bought Legend IGN: 5bob15