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    Howdy! Thank you very much, you are too!

    Howdy! Thank you very much, you are too!
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    Giveaway winners!

    Congratulations to everyone that won, and a huge thank you to everyone who was involved in hosting/helping out with this giveaway. While it’s very sad that Heeeeeeeeeeeeee left, it’s amazing to see that he’s still wanting to contribute towards the community, and give back. Thank you again to...
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    Slayer Minion

    I’ll report this as an issue incase it’s meant to have a “food chest” option in the GUI. It’s super weird why it’s not connecting to a food chest.
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    Slayer Minion

    Well, to quote the post there’s another way to feed it - feeding it directly. Have you tried placing a chest beside the minion in-game rather than clicking the menu? I’m not entirely sure if that’ll work, but it can’t hurt to try. It’s odd there’s no section for it in the GUI.
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    Show Recommendations?

    The shows I watch are mainly on Netflix, or have been recommended to me and I just haven’t watched them yet, for example: Line of Duty, Happy Valley, Peaky Blinders, One Day at a Time (super good!), Friends, The Big Bang Theory, Brooklyn Nine-Nine, Kim’s Convenience, Queer Eye, After Life...
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    Finished Spleef Tournament!

    Unfortunately, I don’t think so. If you wish though, I suppose you could just dig yourself down at the start of every round, haha.
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    Slayer Minion

    You need to link a food chest to the minion. While it’s a different type of minion altogether, I’d suggest taking a look at this player-made thread, you never know, it may be of use!
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    Auto Smelt

    I believe this issue is known on SkyBlock, and has been reported also. I can’t guarantee that as I’m not SkyBlock staff, however I’m 99% sure.
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    Good luck! You’ll do great.

    Good luck! You’ll do great.
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    Hey! Share some of that nice weather with me :(

    Hey! Share some of that nice weather with me :(
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    Finished Spleef Tournament!

    Good luck to everyone attending! Super excited for this event ;)
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    I got banned [Survival] MikkelMC12 - Grief

    Hello, @MikkelMC12. Could you please file your ban appeal under this section, as the “Survival” sub-forum is for topics related to the gamemode rather than bans: Thank you! Have a nice day/night.
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    Giveaway/contest on June 22 details and information.

    This is great, thank you for hosting this! Good luck to everyone entering. Also, early happy birthday to both yourself and Joolsk. :cool:
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    Aquatic cooldown is still stuck for me

    Hello, @Rahalainen. I think your best bet would be to contact a parkour staff member directly, to see if they can help you with this issue.
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    Site doesn't work.

    Usually this happens if you type, paste or click a link that’s incorrect. I’d suggest double-checking the link to the sub-forum/thread you were trying to reach.
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    Pet Appreciation

    In April 2017, I got a kitten that I had decided to call Milo. For years before even getting a pet was discussed in my family, I knew if I ever got a cat, it’d be called Milo. She was a great cat, although she was insane when it got to 3am (I still can remember that one time I was trying to...
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    Oop, I’ll keep my eyes out.

    Oop, I’ll keep my eyes out.
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    Why Did I get Banned

    Hello, @Lords_Skittles. Apologies for the inconvenience, however from the ban message it looks as though the issue is still being looked into. What I’d suggest you do, is file an appeal here if you haven’t already, and wait until a member of staff is able to get back to you with a final...
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    Ah item missing case

    Hello, @SuperC. If you put an item in the auction house, and no one buys it or you cancel it, then it goes into the “expired items” area, as you know. When it’s in there, you have ~5 days to claim it from the expired/cancelled items menu, before the item disappears for good. Unfortunately...