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  1. Iliux

    GIVEAWAY: 2,200,000 mana + Maxed Trench Pick + Infinity Sell Wand + 5 Cubits + 7,500 spawners A LOT MORE

    Since there are going to be so many people, the chances are going to be so small. Give it a shot, you can't loose anything.
  2. Iliux

    [Forum Game] Change a Letter, Make a Word...

    Chunky I had to
  3. Iliux

    Too many changes to Olympus

    I agree with what your saying. So many changes are made that it just can't be handled anymore. A lot of the changes seem to benefit the rich as well...something I find very annoying. Olympus needs to be made fun for everyone. Not just a select few.
  4. Iliux

    [Forum Game] Yes or No?

    Yes, it’s my life. Have you ever failed a class?
  5. Iliux

    Dream HeadQuarters

    I can see the amazing work and amount of effort put into this. It is incredible. My only improvement idea is to make each area look a little different. For example you could take one of the areas and have spruce trees and leaves. It would make the parts look more interesting and less alike For...
  6. Iliux

    The increased toxicity in Olympus is a problem.

    Thanks Hallow! Olympus really needs a crack down on the toxicity. Most of the toxicity does come from people with ranks and rebirths to people without those. This problem has definitely gotten worse since the beginning of the reset and needs to be fixed. P.S. Nice KitPVP roast :)
  7. Iliux

    Spleef tournament for sellwand

    Sounds great! Is there any specific time that the tournament will happen? I can only play at some times.
  8. Iliux

    New Olympus Titles Giveaway Competition! - CLOSED

    IGN: Iliux85 Title: Poseidon Im feeling a little left out without one of those titles, I hope I win!
  9. Iliux

    What server has the best community, in your opinion?

    I’ve played on Survival, Skyblock, Olympus, Islands, and Parkour. I mostly play on Olympus though. Here is my order (From worst to best). The Islands community is rather silent so I can’t say too much about it. The Parkour community is very toxic in a way. The Skyblock community seemed fine to...
  10. Iliux

    (Idea) Enchantment Book Splitting

    I had an idea with enchantment books. Since it is possible to combine two books of the same value I was wondering if a feature could be implemented that does the opposite. For example, you could take a Headless 5 book and change it into two Headless 4 books. This would add more possibilities to...
  11. Iliux

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for ban evasion
  12. Iliux

    Kilton - Mana Shops - Bug Fixes

    Nice update! I’m a little confused about Kilton. Is it just a skyblock addition or is it global? Mana shops seem like a great addition but it adds another way for people to easily scam others. But overall great!
  13. Iliux

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for saying he is a god when he isnt
  14. Iliux

    Word Challenge!

  15. Iliux

    This or That

    Anime Tacos or Burritos
  16. Iliux

    Ban the person above you

    Banned for being xSytho
  17. Iliux

    Post your last Ctrl + V

    (\_/) ( -_-) /> > (\_/) ( -_-) /> <\ (\_/) (-_- ) < <\ Don’t ask