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  1. Aj448

    Tada...I updated my profile.

    Tada...I updated my profile.
  2. Aj448

    The staff should be more active {survival}

    She should be an admin
  3. Aj448

    Good Evening!

    Good evening.
  4. Aj448

    I achieved my goal.

    Good job! you've already exceeded your new goal... time for a new one
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  6. Aj448

    Rejected It - Expert

    At first, there was nothing on here but the sentence, "I'm not done yet." She just recently added the parkour information to it.
  7. Aj448

    I like turtles.

    I like turtles.
  8. Aj448

    How my island is going!

    It looks amazing, you could move the stacked chests but that's about it!
  9. Aj448


  10. Aj448

    My build rate it!

    It seems to be a great build, you could add stone slabs to the front or perhaps add a garden in the front... I feel like there is something missing there.
  11. Aj448

    Disrespect Issues

    I have seen very similar things to this lately on the parkour servers. I understand cussing is allowed, but many people on the server use this rule to a large extent where many people get upset or in some cases muted.
  12. Aj448


    Welcome to the Manacube server! And, as Mejsee said, don't hesitate to ask for any help!
  13. Aj448

    Rejected Koala / Hard Parkour

    Thanks for the advice, I'll see if I can find those and fix them. :)
  14. Aj448

    Rejected Koala / Hard Parkour

    Thank you Quinn
  15. Aj448

    Issue Joining Server

    I don't really know much about things like this but it could possibly have something to do with the update you are using. I'm not sure.
  16. Aj448

    December 2018

    Hooray! It seems like the server is growing a lot based on the increase in players, we need to find a way to increase the average playing time for those on the 1.12 update... I think there has been a decrease due to the games requiring older updates to operate better. People may just be...
  17. Aj448

    Rejected Koala / Hard Parkour

    Thanks, Is there anything I can change to make anything better?
  18. Aj448

    Accepted Silo Races - Medium

    I really like the build. I like how the parkour is incorporated into it. and how you have combined two themes. Would it be ok if I gave you some advice on making it a bit better? For example, that is a silo, not a barn.