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  1. MomGetTheLantern

    Finished Rainbow Road

    Thanks to the people who were involved in managing this event. I had a lot of fun. I lowkey felt like I was playing mario kart on the wii again. GG to all the winners and I am excited for the next event <3.
  2. MomGetTheLantern

    Two rank give aways. (Please read details)

    Cus he was joking/sarcastic :p (I think)
  3. MomGetTheLantern

    New Leaderboards!

    Just saw this when I did /hugs top: so apparently Web Leaderboards were already planned :p.
  4. MomGetTheLantern

    I lost my stuff

    Hey @MercyMain_uwu, I think you should make a support ticket for this. This is possible here: Make sure to fill it in properly! And I hope your problem gets fixed <3
  5. MomGetTheLantern


    I just noticed the guilds tab next to the leaderboards and noticed it isn't clickable. So now I was wondering if there are plans for guilds, if so when(ETA)? And also what the guild system will provide us with?
  6. MomGetTheLantern

    New Leaderboards!

    In my opinion the /hugs leaderboard would also be a cool addition to the leaderboards! <3
  7. MomGetTheLantern

    Survival S5 - More info

    Yes I understand that. My point is that there are exclusive crate items that don't say "Season Vault Access" which could/should still be added to the resetvault. I am not saying all exclusive items should be vaultable. I am just saying there are still some exclusive items that don't really offer...
  8. MomGetTheLantern

    Excited for survival ss5 :)

    Excited for survival ss5 :)
  9. MomGetTheLantern

    Survival Season 5

    My suggestions for 1k sell wand or just non-infinite sell wands on survival ss5: #1 Kilton Make them obtainable through the new kilton. For an appropriate amount of souls. In my opinion this should be between 1500-2500 souls but that is just my guess. Just depends on how hard souls are to get...
  10. MomGetTheLantern

    Survival S5 - More info

    There are still a lot of items with exclusive on them but not season vault acces. Considering mystic set is allowed those should be too. Just a helmet or just a santa set isn't OP or an unfair advantage to new players but they still hold a lot of value for some people. I would apreciate...
  11. MomGetTheLantern

    Post your last Ctrl + V

    ֎ Lantern ֎
  12. MomGetTheLantern

    Favorite Band?

    Big Time Rush, yuh.:p
  13. MomGetTheLantern

    Survival Season 5

    About mob kills Does having a ban for autoclick/mobaura/any unfair advantage mob kill-wise make you ineligible for the top 3. Because in my opinion it should. I am not gonna name people but a lot of people in the top 10 have these kinda things in their ban history. So I would be very...
  14. MomGetTheLantern

    Survival Season 5

    Add sell wands, inf chests and minions to the vault please, if they aren't already.
  15. MomGetTheLantern

    New Olympus Titles Giveaway Competition! - CLOSED

    IGN: MomGetTheLantern Title: Ares