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    I like pineapple(not cooked), I like pizza but I dont like pineapple on pizza.... I respect your choice though xD
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    Yes of course I've heard good things about you. I also remember when I heavily played oly, you word always be on. You may doubt it but its true. I don't remember who or what they said ngl but I remember them saying good things.
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    Awww man, I had heard great things about you Araghana. Sad to see you go but glad to know that it'll help you... good luck!!!
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    An (updated) Guide to Plots

    Thank you for the guide!!!! Its going to help so many people, myself included :D
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    UMM you started something. HI human xD I so didn't know you could write here uwu also sorry this...

    UMM you started something. HI human xD I so didn't know you could write here uwu also sorry this was a late reply uwu
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    UHHH lmfao. I no joke didn't... know... you could.... ok nm Hi <3

    UHHH lmfao. I no joke didn't... know... you could.... ok nm Hi <3
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    Giveaway winners!

    AHHh GG to those who won. Congrats!! xD
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    What are your favorite servers and why?

    I use to play only parlour from 2016-2017... and then moved to Skyblock and creative... and then Olympus. The only one I actually stuck with is Skyblock. So my vote is skyblock due to the community. *Totally not biased or anything pft*
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    Sephyrin? Sephyrin.

    Ah welcome!! That's cool that you play oly. I play oly on the side. *but don't tell others* ;) I'm glad that even though you may not get out as much that you can connect to others on mc. Good luck with playing *sorry this was a bit late too* xD
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    Cobblestone Generator

    It honestly should have worked. Are you 100% that it's only stone and coal? And also are you the island leader? Lol
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    Culinary Artist Challenge

    On skyblock we have a particular fish system. When you catch a fish, it's a normal fish that has both a name, rarity of the fish and the size. Although there are other things that can spawn from fishing, I'm pretty sure there is little to no chance of getting salmon but dont quote me on that...
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    1,350,000 mana giveaway!

    Good luck to everyone!!
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    Ngl that happened to me 3 times. Once with a leg pic, an mvp pickaxe and then a testing iron one. Got rid of all three... but instead of a command, I right click on air so idk
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    February 2019

    Congrats Tumms!!! Also a huge congrats to all those staff who were promoted as well as top voters
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    Didn't Receive Donor Rank

    Did you make sure the details were correct? The correct ign, card details etc?
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    January 2019

    Congrats @emilyrenee_ <3 As well as to all staff who were promoted and just to staff in general. Also congrats to those who were top voters... xD
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    Start with the end. Geography edition

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    Trading with Villagers?

    If you haven't gotten help, you can get villager spawners or find an island that allows you to trade with villagers. You just need to gather items in order to trade with the villagers