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  1. Worrey


    alrightttt, i wont
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    B) c:

    B) c:
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  4. Worrey

    What are your favorite servers and why?

    "watching people fall is always a satisfaction" that's lowkey evil XD.
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    I'm like... super inactive these days, lol.

    I'm like... super inactive these days, lol.
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    Bruhhh cmoooon, I'll have to unfriend you now!!!
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    Count to 50 before a staff posts!

    hold up what u on about 4
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    Who will be the last post :ooo

    No me! :D
  9. Worrey

    olympus is the definition of weird

    What is even going on there…? XD
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    Word Challenge!

  11. Worrey

    DIAMONDS!! <3

    Amazing! XD
  12. Worrey

    Who will be the last post :ooo

    Not today!
  13. Worrey

    Reviewing x_xBen - Staff Application

    He bought it.
  14. Worrey

    The Person Below

    The person below is a super cute person.
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    Tips on how to make easy and quick money.

    Even though I don't play Survival (I am considering playing it a little bit), I think this is a great forum post, @Helly. There will be a lot of people who will take these tips, and improve in game. It's so great to see that People give tips to other players on the forums! I love it.
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    1.13 Blocks Glitching

    I'm not quite sure, but I believe this would be better to either post in the "Report a bug" section on the forums (here's the link;, or in the help or issues channel on the ManaCube discord.
  17. Worrey

    Counting to a million ;)

    100 Last post from me xD
  18. Worrey

    Reviewing x_xBen - Staff Application

    Aaah, alright, that makes a lot of sense. There have been times when I also wanted to get banned, so that I could quit and focus on school, gym and football etc. (I just kept going without the ban though), so i get what you mean. I honestly believe that this should not matter much when the staff...