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  1. Zoviet

    olympus is the definition of weird

    Survival always has some interesting chats going on... Worse then this ;c
  2. Zoviet

    Quitting Survival

    Oh, didn't see on Manacube... Still obvious what I was saying though
  3. Zoviet

    Quitting Survival

    Haha yes, he will. It's very similar to manacube...
  4. Zoviet


    Hey, I'm sure this isn't a surprise to most players or staff, but a ton of spambots from the same server have been flooding chats over the past few weeks. I think something really needs to get done because tonight it's every 15 minutes another one comes in and floods the chat! I get you can...
  5. Zoviet

    It's time to fix survival

    Yep lol
  6. Zoviet

    It's time to fix survival

    Yeah, sorry about that. I was convinced something was going to get done at the time but yet here we are
  7. Zoviet

    It's time to fix survival

    Introduction I am a very active player in survival, and I see how large the player base can be. Survival definitely makes more money than some other servers, and yet it is the least cared for or worked on. We have hundreds of players who play, and most of them are donators or members who have...
  8. Zoviet

    Count to 50 before a staff posts!

    1 again O.o
  9. Zoviet

    a minecraft marriage.. ❤

    No, it's beautiful.
  10. Zoviet

    a minecraft marriage.. ❤

    I'm dead
  11. Zoviet


    The website hasn't been accurate and doesn't even seem to work. I probably get like 30 scramblers a day and mine stay at 250.
  12. Zoviet


    True, but it still would be cool for people to know who's the fastest.
  13. Zoviet

    Count to 50 before a staff posts!

    1 lmao
  14. Zoviet

    Rejected Medieval Village | Easy

    Looks very good! I like the detail and theme
  15. Zoviet

    Just a little Quote!

    Inspiring haha
  16. Zoviet

    Rejected Leaves&IcePK : Map Submission

    Looks ok. I would suggest adding so more detail and give it a theme.
  17. Zoviet


    Don't understand much of the first line but yes, it would be cool to have a leaderboard on scrambler. Not too sure what we could get for rewards though
  18. Zoviet

    Parkour Prestiges

    On the server or on parkour?
  19. Zoviet

    Server Suggestions

    It's better to have multiple subforms then one large forum in this because of the number of game modes. Some people might be interested in certain servers.
  20. Zoviet

    Iron Golem Grinder Build Guide

    When making a post/editing one you see where it says "post reply"? If you go to the right of that it will say "upload a file". Then you just add your screenshots :)