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  1. IrishEmmy

    loverpuper101 - Build Team Application

    Aqua is an amazing builder! Her builds won Legends 1st and 2nd place in survival season 4! She really deserves a spot on the team! Good luck Aqua! <3
  2. IrishEmmy

    Survival Season 5

    Please allow exclusive crate items to be taken over. We paid money for these!!!
  3. IrishEmmy

    The Fall of Manacube

    You may not be aware, but Dynsalir does alot of coding work for Dacon, that he openly has talked about whilst online. He is only an ADMIN. I'm pretty sure he doesn't get paid, and yet he still helps. Last year when survival was having horrible lag issues, it was Dylan who found that it was a...
  4. IrishEmmy

    The Fall of Manacube

    I appreciate that the server does have alot of things going wrong right now. And yes, it is very frustrating. But what we as players have to remember is that the staff are not paid, they dedicate their own free time into making this server playable. So when it comes to broken things, staff can...
  5. IrishEmmy

    The Fall of Manacube

    Basically, the server only allows a certain amount of accounts under your IP to be logged on at once. So it would be impossible to log on more than 3 under your IP, it physically wouldn't let you log on with that 4th account.
  6. IrishEmmy

    use colors for [mvp]+

    MVP+ can already change the colour of their + but I do think that VIP+ should be able to do the same. And possibly add more colours to the options in /prefix, because right now you only have a small selection but you can /nick any colour you like. There's no reason why they shouldn't be able. I...
  7. IrishEmmy

    Favourite gamemode?

    Survival XD Have over 1000 hours now, i have no life
  8. IrishEmmy

    ManaCube App

    I honestly like the idea of an App. Sometimes it is difficult to log onto a computer and check the forums. Especially when you work. The App wouldn't have to be the same layout as the forum on pc, most App's aren't the same as their website counterparts. Yes, it would cost alot of money to...
  9. IrishEmmy

    Counting to a million ;)

  10. IrishEmmy

    Word Unscramble

    Lol she already said yup to unicorn XD Unscramble this ; oandrenderg
  11. IrishEmmy

    Inventory Lag

    Since I started playing mana there has been inventory lag on survival. When you try to throw items out, move them into chests, or just move them around in your inventory. The item will either re-appear in your inv, refuse to let you pick it up, or move to another spot when you go to pick up...
  12. IrishEmmy

    Count to 50 before a staff posts!

    1 This is never actually gonna get past like 10 XD
  13. IrishEmmy


    Not false, my money tag should be pink and its red :)
  14. IrishEmmy


    Money tags seem a bit broken but this is cool :)
  15. IrishEmmy


    Think everyone needs to calm down. Skyblock's down until further notice that's all majority of us know for now :)
  16. IrishEmmy

    Accepted Youtube Rank

    You've got a decent following and seem to upload regularly. +1 from me :)