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  1. gapplegal

    Just a dumb question that likely has an obvious answer

    It's not a stupid question. Many people get confused with how to get hoppers. All you have to do is go to /shop > items shop > redstone shop Also you can use /helpop to ask staff questions :)
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    I can relate to the two above about Mark(my favourite was his quietest let's plays) BUT I've been watching Binging with Babish videos alot and it keeps getting recommended so I just watch that o.o
  3. gapplegal

    Best Place to get Pizza?

    I've only had two of them due to where I live. I would've chosen Pizza Hut or Dominos but my favourite is Hells pizza :)
  4. gapplegal

    please help me i dont know how to submit a map review

    If the link doesn't work try to use a different application like imgur. You can drag your screenshots from your .Minecraft folder onto the imgur website And it'll make a link for you :) Then submit in the map submissions
  5. gapplegal

    Best way to see a movie?

    LMFAO I could :) Why?
  6. gapplegal

    Best way to see a movie?

    Netflix - When I'm alone. I like to skip boring parts and usually, others get annoyed with me doing that. Also, I can stop watching or continue watching when I want. Only problem is that Netflix is limited here so I gotta go to the cinema to watch some good stuff Cinema/Theaters - With others...
  7. gapplegal

    Factions - Season 2

  8. gapplegal

    Gapplegal best mod V2

    *I saw the post before you tagged me* I 100% disagree with this statement <3
  9. gapplegal

    Cats or dogs?

    Alright so I think that both cats AND dogs are amazing. They have their unique abilities but I prefer cats(Sorry dog lovers). O.O I grew up with a cat that I got to choose and name. This cat was so soft and cuddly and in ways this cat reminded me of myself; He would hang around others for food...
  10. gapplegal

    Hey if you were banned and you have no idea why I would recommend appealing...

    Hey if you were banned and you have no idea why I would recommend appealing: O.O which you've done. So you just have to be patient and wait for them to work through it :)
  11. gapplegal

    What was everyone's favorite game to play growing up (excluding Minecraft)?

    Same. I remember in my year 7 class(year 7 is 11 years old) there was a newly built computer lab and so my class would go there every other day. During this time my whole class(around 23 of us) would log onto our Moshi Monster accounts and try to throw shade on each other. Ahhhhhh these memories
  12. gapplegal

    What was everyone's favorite game to play growing up (excluding Minecraft)?

    Pft Im late but eh. Moshi monsters, poptropica and minesweeper were my favourite games growing up... Until I lost my info on Moshi monsters, my character on poptropica glitched to the point where I had to restart everything(almost finished all the maps during that time) and I ragequit...
  13. gapplegal

    Which is worse/better, Interior or terrain?

    For me interior designing is the worst out of the two. I love doing terrain and attempting(but honestly failing) to build things. Interior is one of those things that i cant comprehend/actually do :)
  14. gapplegal

    woot woot ! Good luck ANXI you'll do great !

    woot woot ! Good luck ANXI you'll do great !
  15. gapplegal

    What's your first memory of Minecraft?

    Pft aight. I remember my mum buying and putting the info and launching Minecraft. I had absolutely no clue as to what the controls were and so when I started a singleplayer world... I spent like 15 minutes trying to find how to move. When I did find out how to move I was killed by a spider...
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    I had no clue that there was a sign limit either. Now I'm aware that there is. xD I suppose it's there to prevent a heap of lag constantly. Who uses that many signs? *Generally curious*
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    On Halloween I was at school playing music in both a jazz band and concert band so I didnt get to have mini panic attacks when anyone came down my street. Besides the point.... my mum was the one to give the lollies out to my nephew, niece and their stomachs since no one actually ever...
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    OCTOBER 2019

    YO GG to all sotm, staff promotions, top voters and montly payouts !!
  19. gapplegal

    Does the Discord have voice chat?

    Yes. If it doesn't sync please be sure to use sync-help(which you've done) xD So we just need to be patient and let the appropriate staff members handle the syncing process <3 Sometimes though it can take a while O.O