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  1. WingsOfFire17

    From Islands, to you!

    Hey everyone! As season 4 of islands comes to an end, I want to thank y'all for a great time whenever I'm on islands. Hyped for season 5, and for the memories that we'll make! -Wings
  2. WingsOfFire17

    How are you?

    I mean the break after it is amazing, but the actual midterms....not so much
  3. WingsOfFire17

    How are you?

    Its that time of year again... MIDTERMS! Ya-i mean, ew. Can't wait for break though! Have a great holidays everyone! <3
  4. WingsOfFire17

    Islands Season 5

    Hype! Can't wait to start grinding islands ;)
  5. WingsOfFire17 ;D ;D
  6. WingsOfFire17

    The Mystic Set

    On Skyblock at least, it is supposed to make mobs drop x2 xp. Not sure if it is the same on Islands.
  7. WingsOfFire17

    I mean why have 1,785 looked at some dude's profile, nothing interesting here

    I mean why have 1,785 looked at some dude's profile, nothing interesting here
  8. WingsOfFire17

    i actually like this

    Hexagon is all...... Go check out /warp hexagon while you're on creative, you're in for a treat ;)
  9. WingsOfFire17

    Whats the longest amount of time you've ever driven for?

    Driving across the country currently from Oregon -----> New Orleans, and trying to get there in under a week. Quite a trip if you ask me.
  10. WingsOfFire17

    SVA For Special Flowers on Aether? :DD

    Just looking at this, I don't see why it shouldn't be included, as it is a general lift of spirits and overall a really good idea! I'd recommend making a suggestion here though. I encourage everyone to upvote it if you think it is a good idea (if you put it up @SSM_GOD)...
  11. WingsOfFire17

    If you are using an IP from a VPN, then you can switch that off and you should be able to login...

    If you are using an IP from a VPN, then you can switch that off and you should be able to login, or the other way around (Normal IP ----->VPN). If you were honestly banned for no reason, you shouldn't have a problem <3
  12. WingsOfFire17

    Best Place to get Pizza?

    Just give me Pizza, I haven't had it in so long :( But honestly, Domino's has been my favorite for a while, and thats just because its quick and easy to get ------> take home ----> eat.
  13. WingsOfFire17


    This isn't really just one video, but I like to rewatch all of Markiplier's try not to laugh series. Some of them I find just hilarious!
  14. WingsOfFire17

    I am better at parkour !!!

    As has been said on other treads, there is no need to post on threads from 2016 <3
  15. WingsOfFire17


    Hi! Nice to meet you :D. What gamemode do you play on Manacube? Hope to see you around! -Wings
  16. WingsOfFire17

    Do you press the button?

    Pressing it, as i could run 40mph without being penalized xD. Button: You could have any food appear in your hand at the snap of your fingers, but for every ounce that that food is, the less hungry you are. At anything over 100 ounces, you would be so full that you'd feel sick.
  17. WingsOfFire17

    PV's Change

    Although I like the idea, I think that /pv was a way to entice players to buy a rank for that perk, and many others that you'd get along side it. I kinda feel like it should stay that way, as it is specifically a donor perk, just like everything else you get with your rank. Also, if you dont...
  18. WingsOfFire17

    ima greif this server if u dont give me admin

    I'd recommend making meaningful, and helpful posts, instead of a bunch of small, microposts!
  19. WingsOfFire17

    Skyblock is bad

    If you have any suggestions on how we could help "fix" parts of skyblock, instead of saying things like that, we'd be more than happy to talk to you, or making a suggestion here: . I'm sorry that you feel that way about it.
  20. WingsOfFire17

    Trading Title

    I'd recommend making a support ticket, as an admin might be able to assist you: