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  1. astatiine


    Wanna hear a joke? It goes.. My ex-wife still misses me but her aim is gettin better!
  2. astatiine

    Rejected Resubmission of Whomping Willow Parkour

    Builders/Exploit Finders/Testers: EwSocializinq, DeathByAPotato, fishy1980 and AkaneMishima Plot: /plot h EwSocializinq 9 Difficulty: Expert Jumps: About 65 Screenshots:
  3. astatiine

    Thank you Manacube/Minevast Staff

    The point of this thread is to thank all the staff, (Owner, CO's, Developers, etc.) and to show them how much we appreciate them. First, I don't know what I would do without them. There have been so many times where I was just not having a good day, someone was breaking the rules, something was...
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    Quitting (Again)

    Hello. I'm pretty sure a lot of you saw this coming, (you know who you are) but I will be quitting Manacube. Aside from the people I love on here, I feel like I can't be happy anymore because of some people (you also know who you are). I've been considering this for so long, especially since a...
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    Possibly Ending Break..

    Dear ManaCube Community, I think I have decided to come back from my (very short) break. I get this was short, but all the time I needed I have received. I strongly feel that I can be a better person and make new friends! If anyone wants to talk about anything, you can message me through the...
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    Forum Game: Add on!

    How to play: Add on is a game where I start with a food and every time someone comments another food, that food will be put on top of the one I make. Example: I say Donut Random Commenter: Lasagna (Donut Lasagna) You do not have to comment the whole thing, which I did up in the example. Just...
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    Leaving for a bit...

    So, I'm going to be taking a break from Manacube. There are several reasons why but the main reason is whenever I try to feel happy on the server, it always backfires when I get called a 'Fake' or people don't think I'm actually a person. It was a tough decision but I've decided it would be...
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    Rejected Saving Colors Parkour!

    Jumps - 85 Checkpoints - 6 Difficulty - Expert Map Theme: Colors Map Creators - MaddieSaysRawr and DeathByAPotato Map Tester - LandonMVP Thank you! Kind Regards, MaddieSaysRawr, DeathByAPotato, and LandonMVP! P.S It's on MaddieSaysRawr's plot. <3
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    How to make Fangirls mad:

    Take a screenshot with Kiingtong without them XD
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    Donator Rank <3

    Hai Hai I need a Donator Rank for the forums. Thank you! Kind Regards, ~MaddieSaysRawr (MaddieBear) (Happy 2017, 2k17, New Years Eve, Or happy day!)
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    Hey, my friend DeathByAPotato was locked. She doesn't hack and didnt abuse any sort of bug. She tried to use /gems give but it didn't work. This is not MY problem, this is DeathByAPotato's. If you have any further questions, /msg her in game. Thanks! Kind Regards, ~MaddieBear <3