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  1. _Bunstop_

    Rejected Camera | Hard

    _Bunstop_ Camera (or CameraPK) /plot v _Bunstop_ 3 Hard 61 Jumps and 4 Checkpoints Looking through map submissions I realized there's another camera map and by no means was I copying it
  2. _Bunstop_

    Rejected Servers Dropper | Easy Dropper

    _Bunstop_ Servers Dropper (I can't get pictures right now sorry :c) (Dropper rating) Easy, 15 mana first time, 1 mana repeat times Back of /plot v _Bunstop_ 4 I based this around the servers Manacube currently has, enjoy c:
  3. _Bunstop_

    Rejected Black Hole | Easy (Re-submission)

    _Bunstop_ Black Hole Easy Back of /plot v _Bunstop_ 2 (I kept the original parkour just in case I needed it) 24 jumps (1 checkpoint)
  4. _Bunstop_

    Parkour Event c:

    Hi, yup, I'm hosting a parkour event. Details are below: Hope to see some awesome competition in this c: Good luck to all, -Bun
  5. _Bunstop_

    Parkour and Seek Guide

    Well, I was browsing the forums and thought "Why is there not a parkour and seek guide that's up to date?" So here it is: What is Parkour and Seek?: Parkour and seek is a staff-run game in the Parkour server. Players (staff on the first round) hide on parkour courses. The hider of the next...
  6. _Bunstop_

    Parkour map word game

    I'm sure there's a game like this, just with anything instead of parkour maps. The way this works is I will say a parkour map (for example LuckyBlock) and someone will say a map starting with the last letter of the previous map. However there is a limited amount of maps so when staff post, they...
  7. _Bunstop_

    Accepted GoogleMaps | Easy

    _Bunstop_ GoogleMaps /plot v _Bunstop_ 4 Easy 27 Jumps & 2 Checkpoints
  8. _Bunstop_

    Rejected BirdCage | Easy

    _Bunstop_ and kingbunnies BirdCage /plot v _Bunstop_ 1 Easy 28 Jumps
  9. _Bunstop_

    Rejected Black Hole | Easy

    _Bunstop_ and kingbunnies Black Hole Click here Easy 21 Jumps /plot v _Bunstop_ 2
  10. _Bunstop_

    Rejected Floral House | Easy/Medium

    _Bunstop_ Floral House Click here Medium (Easy if the jump count counts) 37 Jumps 3 Checkpoints
  11. _Bunstop_

    Rejected CrossyRoad | Easy

    _Bunstop_ CrossyRoad Click here /plot visit _Bunstop_ 5 Easy 38 Jumps Note: I focused more on the parkour than the build for this one, so don't judge my build skills xD
  12. _Bunstop_

    Pun game c:

    So, this is a game with puns involved (duh). The way this is played is you make up a pun for the person above you's name. This is different than Rename The Player Above you, but kinda similar. So, who's gonna start? c:
  13. _Bunstop_

    Why did you do that? game

    Welp, I was bored so I made this (totally not why xd). The way this game works is, so I will start, I will say 'I failed my test because...' and someone will reply, finishing the sentence and starting one of their own. Here's how it works: Me: I failed my test because.. Person 2: you overslept...
  14. _Bunstop_

    Closed Note Parkour | Easy

    _Bunstop_ Note Parkour Left at /plot visit _Bunstop_ 3 Easy 30 Jumps
  15. _Bunstop_

    Rejected PC Parkour | Easy

    _Bunstop_ PC Parkour /plot visit _Bunstop_ 3, back left corner Easy 36 Jumps
  16. _Bunstop_

    Rejected Enchantment PK | Medium

    _Bunstop_ Enchantment PK /plot visit _Bunstop_ 2 Medium ~52 jumps
  17. _Bunstop_

    Rejected Brewing PK | Medium

    _Bunstop_ Brewing PK /plot visit _Bunstop_ 1 Medium ~48 jumps
  18. _Bunstop_

    Rejected North American PK | Medium

    _Bunstop_ North American PK Back right corner of /plot visit _Bunstop_ 3 Medium
  19. _Bunstop_

    Rejected Pengin Parkour | Easy

    _Bunstop_ Click here /plot visit _Bunstop_ 2 ID: -33;-5 Easy ~24 Jumps
  20. _Bunstop_

    Accepted Writing Utensils - Easy

    _Bunstop_ Click here /plot visit _Bunstop_ 3 Easy 36 Jumps