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  1. Ryanminty123

    Creative Revamp Information

    The time has come.
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    Creative Idea's

    I’m pretty sure you’re just referring to plots, in future I suggest thinking about your posts before actually posting them here.
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    Finished Creative Build Competition June 10th - 11th

    Creative Build Competition! Sunday, June 10th 5PM EST - Monday June 11th 5PM EST
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    Tips and commands for custom made trees

    Very helpful Nate, will be sure to let people know about this <3
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    Creative - New Creative Ideas!

    Hey! Overall I think you've made a well written post, however, there's a lot in this post that I disagree with Firstly: I don't believe that segregating the community in this way would be beneficial to anyone, all it would do is cause trouble and people wouldn't listen to these rules and go...
  6. Ryanminty123

    Lack of Attention for Creative

    Here are my opinions on this situation, I'm splitting these into two categories as to not have any ambiguity with what I say. What I agree with: Adding new Titles would indeed be nice. I agree, adding new titles would be nice, however as I'll say later on I believe there's more important...
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    Accepted Welsh Parkour

    Name: Ryanminty123 Difficulty: Medium Place: I have this build on creative at /warp WelshPK (Had some issues with Image uploading so here's some print-screens instead) Amount of Jumps: Just under 60 or over dependent on how you treat the jumps. Sidenote: Had a lot...
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    Uh, we'll ignore that ;)
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    That feel when Dom doesn't include you in the dream team...
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    That feeling when you're not in the post ;c
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    Could use of some tips, tricks and advice for building

    Oh hi, it's Ryan. So with building rather then telling you about what grades generally require what I'm going give you a few tips just for building in general! 1) Terrain before structure: Whenever I talk to people about their submissions or their plots in general I always have 1 tip for them...
  13. Ryanminty123

    Terraforming with WorldEdit (For Beginners)

    This is a very fine tutorial my friend!
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    Ongoing Submit your build contest plots here!

    Team of Three: Ryanminty123, Samara1978, Clariity Plot id: -178;71 Background info: We stayed to the normal fantasy ideas such as overgrowth and structures to house specific races such as dwarves, we used mainly themes from other fantasy media pieces like lord of the rings.
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    Finished Week long summer build comp (Possibly?)

    I'm down for this, fantasy theme though.
  16. Ryanminty123

    Accepted Mirrors Edge

    Hey! So recently I decided I wanted to make another game based map as I helped make the Stanley Parable map. The clear choice for this was a mirrors edge map/ Here are the details: To see it go to creative and do /plot visit Ryanminty123 19 It's medium difficulty Has 50 jumps Only has 2...
  17. Ryanminty123

    What The Hell is the Deal Applying for Staff??

    As the most recently accepted helper I feel like also commenting on this may help. These requirements are put in place in order to safeguard firstly that players and secondly the integrity of the staff team. If there were no requirements for joining the staff team or if we ignored the fact that...
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    Finished Sumotori Event

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    Accepted Construction- Map Submission

    Hey! So yesterday I was a tad bored and decided to make a parkour map. The map is based around the theme of construction; I believe that the map is a Medium difficulty map. It has 66 jumps (the most of which include ladders). If you want to visit the plot to test it out then go to the creative...