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    QOL Updates

    Thanks, Dacon! Looking forward to the new things coming soon!
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    Skyblock Announcement

    Excited even though I know the first person to get 100 hours played will just be the first person who logs on and afks the whole time. Am excited for my first season of Skyblock thought! :)
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    Updates & Bug Fixes

    Thank you for fixing /link It made me sad when we couldn't link our accounts.
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    Finished Horse Races Saturday October 20th 2018

    I would love to do this but its at 5am :(
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    Counting to a million ;)

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    hehe so tempting!
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    Vote Parties

    Thank you. :)
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    Fix Pig Stacking

    Its fixed :)
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    Accepted The CableCarPK

    +1 looks great!
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    Finished Parkour Tournament

    gg to winners :)
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    Rejected The CupHEADs - Medium

    +0 Parkour good, fix a jump that seems impossible maybe try to change the design, you don't have to redo the whole thing but just changing up the colours and side art could potentially give you a better chance. Best of luck :P
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    Better Way for Mana

    Once you get /kingdoms in one of the rebirth challenges mana should really be a problem.
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    VIP to MVP+

    you gotta pay for the Vip to Vip + than VIP + to Mvp than Mvp to Mvp+ Otherwise it will screw up your rank. and give it time to register your purchase so do not pay for all of them straight away log in the server check if your rank was upgraded then do it again. Best of luck.
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    Accepted Parkour "Aloha" - Medium

    It looks good and the jumps suite well for medium +1
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    When your kinda to active

    Nice :)
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    I don't really see the point. I would understand if our Olympus was like the really hard prisons where you just have d to A than your free understandable. But Olympus is right in between op and normal so -1
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    Vote Parties

    If you go to most prison servers you will normally have vote parties. Adding vote parties to Olympus would be another way to reward people who vote Putting things Items like: Common things: Mana DragonFruit 100,000 Money Xp Rare things: Kit VIP 1 million dollars 1x Spawners etc I'm not too...
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    Euclant's Introduction

    Welcome to manacube hope you enjoy your stay :)
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    SSlothII - Build Team Application

    Nice builds! I hope you get accepted! +1
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    Improvisors' Introduction

    Hey! Welcome to the forums :)